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How to buy the apartment on a mortgage? The truth about real estate agencies

is Enough to turn on the TV or to open practically any news newspaper to learn about crisis in the sphere of bank mortgage lending and stagnation in the market of real estate. On the other hand, advertizing of banks and real estate agencies about fast acquisition of the apartment on a mortgage becomes more and more attractive: The Mortgage in 3 days without references and guarantors .

What really happens? Fee of the realtor makes or percent from the transaction (in Moscow on average of 5%), or the fixed sum about 50 thousand rubles. Is it necessary to address actually to agency and what is provided for these considerable sums of fee?

In this article we will try in detail, step by step to consider actions which need to be made from a stage of making decision on purchase of the apartment before receiving treasured keys from it and we will compare them to actions of specialists in real estate.

You decided to improve the living conditions: to buy the certain apartment or to get more spacious. You are able to do it independently, or to address specialists of real estate agency. At the appeal to agency, to you will suggest to sign the contract for rendering services and to grant the sum (as a rule is 100%) specified in the contract.

Ideally, services which the agency undertakes to render for this sum have to be step by step accurately stated in the contract, however often it looks is washed rather away. Unfortunately, selection of the best mortgage " program; it appears submission of your documents in bank with which the agency cooperates, and selection of the apartment and check of purity of the transaction consists in selection of advertisements, and, at best, maintenance you at a stage of viewing of options.

Legal purity of the transaction and its maintenance are conducted only by specialists of bank. You receive detailed information on what needs to be done in bank in which you decided to be credited. Certainly, presence of the qualified realtor at all stages of the transaction inspires confidence, but is it necessary, besides for such impressive sum?

At the first stage you need to be defined: what apartment you want to get how many it can cost and what available funds you have. Let`s note that at present it is optimum to have at least 30 percent from the sum of the acquired housing. Open the popular newspaper of free announcements and see on what apartment you can count.

If as an initial contribution you plan to place money from the sold apartment, then at once I will make a reservation that at first it is necessary to get approval of bank on your crediting, and only then to sell the apartment. It is possible to do it in parallel. So, you defined the opportunities and requirements. The following step - the choice of bank.

Practically in all banks the package of documents following for consideration of the application for the credit is required : copies of all pages of the passport, the copy of INN, pension, the driving license, the copy of the service record certified by the personnel manager, the original of the certificate of the income 2 - the personal income tax, and also the completed questionnaire and the application to a bank. Choose 5 - 6 large banks working with a mortgage in your city.

As a rule, on the official sites of banks there are questionnaires of potential borrowers, full information on documents, interest rates and expenses on receiving a mortgage loan. Also at many banks on the websites is a so-called mortgage loan calculator by means of which you can calculate what sum you awake to pay in a month. Choose 2 - 3 banks, the most suitable for you, and file documents there. Within a week you will be informed on the positive or negative decision of credit committee and security service.

The following stage the most pleasant - the choice of the apartment your dream. At this stage it is necessary to acquire three basic rules. In - the first, the apartment has to as much as possible you approach. You will pay for the apartment for many years and is simply inexpedient to buy housing which in 2 - 3 will not suit you any more. In - the second, ideal apartments do not happen. It is not necessary to go in cycles on some concrete apartment: it can be unfairly expensive or legally not pure or just with problem, not properly executed documents. In - the third, the apartment has to be liquid. It is unlikely you, buying the apartment in 20 - 30 years, you are going to live in it for the rest of the life. Therefore if you decide to sell it, then it is better if it is in demand and will go up in price.

Purchase of the apartment on a mortgage is the safest way of acquisition of housing as banks carefully check object of pledge. From you it is only required to provide in bank of a photocopy of the required documents on the apartment. It is ideal if owners, or realtors who work with this real estate provide you documents before making a deposit. The list of documents on the acquired housing can also be found on the websites of banks or to receive at the specialist in mortgage lending.

In all banks of the requirement almost identical, namely:

- documents of title (certificate on property and its basis: the contract of purchase and sale, leaf of privatization, the certificate on inheritance under the law or according to the will, the contract of donation or exchange);

- technical data sheet on the apartment and the reference of BTI;

- the report on an apartment assessment made by the licensed company of the appraisers accredited in this bank;

- an extract from the house register about the citizens registered in this apartment, financially - personal account;

- copies of the passport of the owner;

- a consent of the spouse or spouse to sale (notarized) if the apartment is acquired at the time of a state in marriage.

If one of owners of the apartment is the child, then needs permission of RONO , but at once will make a reservation that if there is opportunity, then it is better not to contact such apartments. In - the first, you will have to trace a transaction chain as RONO is granted permission only with a condition of acquisition of the concrete apartment. In - the second, banks with a reluctance grant permission for acquisition of such apartment. In - the third, the greatest percent of a suspension of transactions is the share of housing where the owner is the child.

If all of you provide above-mentioned documents in bank and the credit committee approves purchase of this apartment, then the specialist of bank appoints day of the transaction, and you can safely make a deposit. Further you need to trust in the specialist of bank. In the appointed day sellers and buyers come to bank where the credit agreement and contracts on purchase and sale are already ready. The initial contribution is deposited or the bank account, or transferred according to the receipt in the presence of the specialist of bank.

After signing of contracts, you insure the life and working capacity, and also the acquired housing in insurance company in preliminary coordination with specialists of bank. Further there is a registration of the contract of purchase and sale in Registration chamber. After these operations money is transferred into the account of the seller. In advance stipulate and state day of release of the apartment and date of transmission of keys in the contract. You need only to celebrate housewarming and to regularly repay the loan.