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How to bypass both the law, and censorship?

As it are surprising, but there is a literary work in which the story " is told; death Marlo. It is the play Well-known victories of Henry V published anonymously on May 14, 1594. Her author is not found, however the play can be considered as a peculiar sketch of future chronicles Henry IV and Henry V . In particular, in it sir John Oldkastl appears - the original name of a prototype of sir John Falstaff was it.

However not Cuthbert Katter will be a question of it now, and of one of minor heroes by name (rezatel) whom friends call Gadskhill or simply the Reptile .

The play begins with the fact that to prince Harry (future king Henry V) two servants come and tell that their friend Gadskhill is arrested in Deptford for attack on the royal courier. The prince takes this news very much to heart. He asks: That, this wretch who guarded our " boots;?

In the original it is told spied - this word means as guarded and spied . And boots remind of the father Marlo`s profession - the head of guild of bashmachnik. To the poet often remembered his origin, calling son of a bashmachnik . One of its nicknames was skinner .

So, Gadskhill, one of people of the prince, the spy and the keeper of footwear, is arrested in Deptford for attack on the royal courier. Prince in perplexity: And judges know that it is one of my people? Yes, explain to him, know - and nevertheless Well, - the prince answers, - I will try to get out the wretch .

The prince honestly keeps the word - he comes to court and hears how the judge reads charge. The judge accuses Gadskhill, he is Katter - a rezatel, that that attacked the royal courier, hit it and put it several wounds on May 20 last year , on the 14th year of board our kind king Heinrich .

Henry IV governed long before a release of the play. A problem, however, that this dostoslavny monarch died on the 13th year of the board. So, the designated date - the myth. Such year just was not. Also remains only last year .

Last. The play was published in 1594. Means, last year is Correctly, 1593. On May 20, 1593 in Deptford Katter attacked the royal courier for what it was arrested, accused and sentenced to hanging. On May 20, 1593 Marlo was arrested for heretical views, and events in Detpforda took place 10 days later - on May 30.

However the matter is that at that time in Europe there were two calendars - Julian and Gregorian. And the number in England corresponded on May 30 to number on May 20 on the continent. Marlo was really accused that he attacked the person and put him several wounds. It happened in the presence of the royal courier - Robert Pauly.

We read further. The prince tries to stand up for the servant. However the judge declares that the law is the law. The prince is indignant, tries to protest - and he is arrested and flung in prison.

So, the law is powerless to rescue Katter - Gadskhill. It is waited by the gallows, and his patron of the prince - prison.

In the following scene, however, the prince already on freedom. Servants come to it and express joyful surprise: The Milord, you are free? And we were going to visit you in prison! The Prince reasonably notices that he is a royal son therefore it was simple to be released to it, and promises them: When I become a king, all of us will be free and we will feel kings .

After that action is transferred to a certain John Kobbler`s house. The father Marlo was called John, and by cobbler (bashmachnik) - the name of its profession. The house is on the coast. There the captain whose vessel is moored nearby is. He tries to enlist John on service to France what that opposes to as can.

At this time Gadskhill enters. As he managed to escape - for the reader and remains secret. The captain suggests it to be enlisted, the Reptile agrees and signs papers. The captain says that he has no time to wait any more - it is time to sail to France. It leaves together with Gadskhill. It is more a reptile - a rezatel does not appear. It forever disappears from a scene.

In several years were issued Henry IV and Henry V .

In Henry IV there are two scenes, remarkable for us. The first - more than once the mentioned remark of the prince on connection of Venus with Saturn in a fiery sign and that in the sky seven stars are visible. This connection happened on May 30, 1593, in day of a solar eclipse when in the sky Galaxies were visible.

The second scene - the hostess`s monologue. Here what she tells to Falstaff: You swore to me fidelity on Wednesday after the Trinity, in that day when the prince hurt your head for the fact that you compared his father to the chorister from Windsor. You remember how I washed out your wound?

According to a Julian calendar, Marlo died on Wednesday after the Trinity from a wound in the head.

And who such Windsor chorister ? So called the famous Windsor composer and the organist. He lived not at the time of Henry IV at all, and is sovereshenno unclear, for what reason sir John Falstaff took in head to compare it to the king. It is mentioned only from - for the name - Thomas Morley.

At that time there were no accurate rules of spelling, and the surname of Marlo was written differently. In some documents it was called Christopher Morley . So, anonymous author Well-known victories together with Shakespeare slightly opened before us the veil hiding events in Deptford.

And one more curious coincidence. Sir George Gary (or Gary) was Deptford`s governor. Its surname is said in the same way as a name of nice prince Harry. Sir George was one of colleagues Marlo on To School of night and his father, the sir Henry Handson - the famous theatrical boss.

Whether it is possible to find other hints on the true identity of the author in his works? Imagine - it is possible!

We will talk about them in the following article. Also we will look, as it will be pleasant to you .