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The city of unlimited opportunities - dream or reality?

I not that, and not another. Unusual answer, isn`t that so? But, nevertheless, the most correct. The matter is that this city exists, however has no material embodiment, like those cities which residents we are. How it can be?

Question, of course, natural. However, it is very simple to explain this phenomenon, actually. It is enough to remember that behind a window the 21st century, and we on tables have personal computers connected to the information Internet only. Yes, the city of unlimited opportunities which presented hope for a miracle to those who in it need especially, stretched on open spaces of a world wide web and it it is not surprising.

The literary virtual Internet - the city LIB - TOWN is in own way unique social association of physically disabled people in which everyone can feel not just full inhabitant of the beautiful and fantastic country of the carrying-out dreams and intimate desires, but also to adequately feel unusual warmth of sincere friendship and light pleasure of hospitable goodwill of talented and freedom-loving citizens.

If you glance to this city, various articles, the curious facts, interesting conversations about life and literary feats of disabled people will bring to your attention. The authors coming there acquire the right to send the works and to get acquainted with prosaic and poetic works of others. Separately it is worth noticing that all creative researches published by participants of virtual community, will - bondage get for comprehensive discussion. Beginners are helped, skilled literary critics and writers share personal practices, impart knowledge, give support by councils and recommendations.

Heated disputes on cultural and okolokulturny subjects, courageous author`s comments of all significant events in the world of creativity, discussion and opinions on the read books, the watched movies, participation in exhibitions, festivals and competitions, literary games and quizes, active communication with elements of a role-playing game - all this makes only a little bit of what it is possible to face in city boundaries of unlimited opportunities.

On January 3, 2001 it was born. And since then strongly entered life of many, having brought one rest and a pacification, the second - pleasure of finding of and the career, the third - a way to become the full-fledged member of society, to meet adherents and to find new friends. Being the noncommercial project and existing only on a charitable basis, The linguistic data base - a town and its inhabitants reached certain heights. They set for themselves difficult tasks which solutions they managed to carry out brilliantly.

This project passed two main stages in the development: closed and opened. The first several years of functioning the Internet - the city (in itself - the phenomenon extremely extraordinary) represented the closed system strictly focused on the target audience consisting of people with violations of sight and oporno - the motive device.

The second period began rather recently and proceeds still. Now The Linguistic data base - a town became opened for all comers. Including for so-called full-fledged members of society. The number of participants (citizens as they call themselves) sharply increased that clearly testifies to the interest shown in relation to this surprising association.

The Internet - the cities research of means and opportunities for rendering the feasible help to gifted disabled people became a main goal. Not without reason its motto: Talents need to be helped, lacks of talent will break through! . The administration of a resource for implementation of objectives makes all efforts. So, works the linguistic data base - taunets were published on pages of some literary websites, and also in almanacs and magazines. In particular, in the annual almanac of OMK (merging of youth clubs of Odessa) and the All-Ukrainian magazine Dzherelo . The culmination of this process, undoubtedly, release of the first and therefore unique collection of a creative heritage of disabled people of all categories " is; Libtaun 2001 - 2004 left in " publishing house; Druk in the winter of 2005.

And already on January 19, 2006 in Odessa its presentation took place. The book included the best works of authors - the disabled people printed in limits The linguistic data base - the Town for several years. However, on the course of correctional works and impositions, unfortunately, the considerable part of materials was sifted as the edition appeared too volume. In a present look the almanac contains 500 pages of the printing text illustrated by pictures of blind artists from St. Petersburg and author`s portraits of the disabled person with violations oporno - the motive device from the city of Podolsk (Moscow region).

To achieve the publication, and also to find money to pay services of the printing house, it was rather difficult (very few people interested that the book unique), however the initiative group with assistance of the merging of youth clubs (MYC) and city council of Odessa everything is achieved the.

Today the big component of circulation already dispersed on authors and specialized libraries both Ukraine, and Russia. And in regional library of Bashkiria (Izhevsk) one of participants of the project actively realizes prospect of the edition of the almanac boldly now - a dot font of Louis Braille.

In the closest plans of owners Literary virtual the Internet - the cities possible carrying out several more presentations of the book on the cities of Ukraine and Russia (Dnipropetrovsk, Moscow) enters. Already now authors - authors of the previous collection began work on preparation for printing of the new book devoted to creativity of people with physical defects.

In other words, The Linguistic data base - the Town - this independent association of creatively adjusted disabled people, realizovyvayushchy by means of the Internet (very effective remedy of technical rehabilitation) the communicative requirements and carrying out gradual process of integration into surrounding society regardless of political, economic and household factors.

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