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What is told pique " vests; or Policy and economy in municipal kitchen of

Hoover is the head! And Gindenburg is the head. the aspiration of our citizens noticed by Ilf and Petrov to solve problems of world politics here so, easily, under a selyodochka and beer Is well-aimed

, did not disappear with disappearance of the country under the name USSR anywhere. And though for a political joke for the present do not send on southern coast of the Ledovity ocean a habit to discuss actions of the power with the guide - kitchens was not gone at all, and, as before, adrenalinit blood of compatriots.

The power and politicians is not kicked by only absolutely lazy Russian. Actually, put not in it at all This article is written to try to answer the most vital issues, the arising every time when acquaintances, having bitten a konyachka zealously, worthy the best application, discuss actions of the president and the government in the field of domestic and foreign policy.

These arising questions: whether

is any sense in all this talk; whether

is in to policy from kitchen rational grain;

and whether, at last, so the kitchen analytics is wrong?

To find out it, I within several months on all amusements and feasts intentionally started conversation on policy, economy, etc., and attentively fixed results and conclusions.

A read conclusions of kitchen analytics now.

Motorists of the whole world, buying gasoline, rescued dollar from a collapse and by that Iran from war. That is, that surplus of dollar pieces of paper which had to burn down, having shot across Iran, burned down in motors of fans to drive.

Russia strongly tightens oil and gas udavochka on a drink of the old woman of Europe. And correctly does!

Money which the USSR as if lost, leaving property Warsaw " block; are not lost at all, and thanks to them by one of the affiliated campaigns Gazprom the former German chancellor manages.

There will come the era " soon; collecting of Russian lands rovnyokhonko behind world recognition of the Albanian enclave of Kosovo in Serbia.

Three unrecognized presidents create the military block (Transnistria, Yu. Osety, Abkhazia) - the insuperable lock for bandits of NATO locking Balkan arch . At an investment of a big banknote it is serious slap in the face to the American policy in the territory of the former USSR.

Our guy - the president of Iran (the former military cadet) - makes advances to France concerning uranium enrichment as blind. Uranium will be enriched in Russia.

Americans got stuck in Iraq because allowed to stick to it there.

Oil as a power source, will come to naught during the next ten - twelve years and collects the last tribute from the world by the unreasonable prices.

Ours friend Hugo Chavez - the worthy answer to Washington on them friend Saakashvili. Only our friend Hugo - buys by

ours Kalashnikova and the SU planes, and their friend Saakashvili himself on a salary of U.S. State Department sits. It though is favorable in the management plan, but cannot long proceed.

The state funds which became feeding troughs of the officials who grew fat from impunity will begin to sherstit soon. Hey, boys! - warn these children from the Kremlin - you did not pozazhiratsya there, however? It is time to return the stolen tugriks in chests! Here, hlopchik zurabovsky fund missed the moment, all now - on plank beds! So you take advantage of the opportunity with return there.

Well, and how to you? There is in this talk a sense? There is a rational grain? It seems to me - undoubtedly. Let your political forecasts come true!