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The Sun in " bank; or with What to surprise guests?

Very often we ask a question: what to surprise the guests with? And not less often we think of the health and ways of its maintenance. Especially now, when even more often in a window rains look, and going outside regret that it was not put on more warmly.

In this article we will try to unite these two, apparently, different subjects. And our vitamin solar friends - a citrus will be the main character. On these small suns it is difficult not to admire: bright, beautiful, they as if exhale cheerfulness and optimism. And as are various: lemons, grapefruits, tangerines, limes, a pomelo and, of course, the representative of a citrus most popular around the world - orange.

About advantage of these remarkable fruit is told and written much already. All of us grew up in words Eat an apelsinka - it is useful! But very few people know that we use only part of what is granted to us by the generous nature. Here remember what you do when you have a desire to eat orange? Possibly, you a beret orange, carefully wash it, rind, and then... you throw out it in a garbage can. And in a peel of any citrus vitamins and useful substances contain at all not less, than in the fruit!

There is a set of ways of use of a citrus peel (dried peel). And now, when we know that it is so useful, there is a question: and how to us to receive this advantage? In force all of obvious reasons, in the raw the dried peel is of little use in food. But I want to offer you idle time, but at the same time, an original way of waste-free use and preservation of these fruits of health as they are called in Asia.

the Sun in bank!

you thought that the sun is inaccessible and shines only in heaven? You were mistaken! It appears, it is possible to place it in bank, and then it will heat and please you all the year round, in any day, even when behind a window the gray sky and it is raining.

That it is required to make to us several types of products, a little free time and very good mood. With bad, gloomy thoughts even you should not start preparation as and we feel everything that we think, it is reflected in result. So, The Sun in " bank; - this name of the whole series of original recipes of jam from citrus fruits. I want to share three, the most unusual, the most tasty and the most useful of them. Let`s start...

Recipe No. 1 Cuban " jam;

1 lemon

of 2 kg of

oranges 0,5 glasses of

rum of 2 kg of sugar

we Clean oranges and lemons. We remove a thin white skin from orange segments. We place a dried peel for days in cold water which it will be necessary to change 4 times (an interval - 6 hours). Days of later, in the blender strongly we crush pulp of orange and a lemon. We rub the soaked dried peel on a large grater.

Then both weights in the enameled pan we put on fire and not strongly heating we cook 30 minutes. We pour out sugar in a pan and we cook 50 more minutes. After that we spill jam on banks, having slightly left in them the place. We wait when they cool down, we add to everyone rum and at once we close.

Recipe No. 2 Amber " jam;


Carrots to clear

of 1 kg of lemons

of 1 kg of

carrots of 2 kg of

sugar, to cut lemons with pieces, without removing a dried peel, but having removed stones. To pass both components via the meat grinder. To pour sugar into the received weight, to mix, put on fire. As soon as begins to boil, to make small fire and to cook 50 minutes. Minutes for 10 before the end of cooking to pour vanillin.

Recipe No. 3 Multivitamin " jam;

of 1 kg of

grapefruits of 1 kg of

oranges of 1 kg of lemons

of 2 kg of sugar

to Clear lemons and a half of the made oranges of a dried peel, to cut small pieces. Then also to cut all remained fruit together with a peel. To place everything in a pan, to fill up with sugar and to cook 1 - 1,5 hour.

Such unusual viands will please you and will pleasantly surprise with the refined, original taste your guests. And accepting on a tablespoon of it a miracle - jam every day, it is possible to forget about winter colds and spring avitaminosis forever!