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Bash. org. ru - concourse of illiterate youth or encyclopedia of the Russian life ?

the Internet - the bash resource . org. ru (called often is simple PINE FOREST ) was issued in 2004. Initially it represented no other than a tracing-paper on the English-speaking website bash. org - a comic quotation collection, was also focused only on the people who were fond of computers and online - games. To someone, not familiar with these fields of activity, was not to understand humour - quotes represented fragments of program codes, statements about the Linux operating systems ( of ppdv, all yuniksa are very friendly. they are just very picky in friends;) ) and online - games (each Zerg has to construct to chvotota, put to eshchechenit and give rise to a larva ).

Then the website some time was literally it is taken fans of an anime (or as they tell, of an onimeshnegama ). The following dialogue became the best-known quote of that period: - Hello, it is the channel about an anime? - Yes. - As to me to propatchit KDE2 under FreeBSD? (However, often, her people to someone the retellings howling had no idea, in what humour there).

The following stage (which came to the end not so long ago) became kotoshrederny period (as again - are expressed local ) . The administrator, his cat and Schroder (through which, judging by quotes, the administrator daily passed a cat) became his main characters. Then identification mark reading PINE FOREST, there was a smile o_o and expression to a huyasa . Here example:

of kav> Here ideal quote:

of xxx> I am an atsky administrator, I schas in server a cat through Schroder for 25 seknd passed

of yyy> to a huyasa of o_0

Then some time the future start of the Large Hadron Collider became the main subject. Authors of quotes claimed that at its start the set of hedkrab by all means will appear (the monster from the game Half Life ) and it will be possible to escape from them only by means of scrap. When after test start Kolladera occurred nothing, the subject by itself came to naught.

Now any uniform subject of quotes is absent. In the majority quotes describe real situations. On these is that descriptions and the main contradiction begins. One consider that only representatives of illiterate youth can be fans of a resource which texts are written with mistakes, without punctuation marks, but also are filled with a mat. In reply, those who are his daily readers (and often and authors of quotes), say that literacy - not the main thing, exactly as well as commas. And the mat no more than expressions of emotions without which it is rare when manages real life.

In confirmation of the words they can suggest to change some quotes in more decent look having kept the same emotions. As, for example, this:

Alex: The dude, you nichyo did not forget at my place? %))))

Lysyy_gn: Yes not, shcha pozh

Lysyy_gn: cigarettes, mobile phone that else...

Lysyy_gn: yes not all cool, and sho it?

Alex: Yes not all zayebis, current your daughter with mine sits with mine of Disney watches, me that pokh, find fault sits

Lysyy_gn: Blyad! Now there will be a dude, litter!!!!

I, calling this " resource; encyclopedia of the Russian life it is necessary to give some more examples which are brightly illustrating expression Russia - the invincible country :

of Serg: Today dug a ditch under a cable in the center of St. Petersburg, the foreigner approaches and in English asks where an entrance to the subway.

of Ann: and?

of Serg: As the answer I hand it a shovel - the foreigner in confusion. Further in broken English I explain: same Russia... where also the entrance to the subway sapped there.

of Ann: :))))

of Serg: The face of the foreigner was not possible to be described words...

of mario: you though washed the car...

of lion: there is no money

of mario: and handles? not?

of lion: there is no time, we without days off work with

of mario: blya that for the country... all work without days off, and anybody has no money :(

of Orbiter: Came to a balcony to smoke in the evening. on eaves the neighbour`s cat is stolen - to obviously ruin a sparrow nest. I hid and as I will shout: And, well, shoo from here! what you here, stsuko, do! . On the place there was only a cat! The grandma breaking some seeds from flowers under a balcony darted off, the fellow drinking beer on a pipe fell down from it and to run, the maid broadcasting an objyava on an entrance instantly faded... the cat continued to be stolen slowly...

generally, it is possible to track the main hobbies reading PINE FOREST, subjects and tricks the people who are actively communicating on the Internet (and transferring all this to real life) to learn a lot of new about computers or just with all the heart to laugh.