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What is an illness of kings? B.C. Hippocrates called

In the 5th century “ gout “ (“ under “ - leg, “ Agra “ - a trap) sharp pains in foot.

at the end of the XVII century the English doctor Thomas Sidengam classified it as a separate illness and very precisely described a bad attack of gouty arthritis. Let`s try to adapt it to the modern period:

was a holiday, remarkable day Yesterday, all congratulated the chief, then went to the nature …. a shish kebab - pork, fish, shrimps and, of course, beer in glass bottles, 2 boxes. Cheerfully spent time!!!!

At 4 o`clock I woke up, foot painfully hurt. Why I so rushed on a football field? Passed half of hour, ointment does not help …. At 6 o`clock in the morning I understood that I cannot push around. A foot thumb red, hot, swelled and it is just impossible to touch it …

Such history can be heard in hospital on reception at the therapist. At this patient, perhaps to suspect the gout known as an illness of kings earlier.

Gout - one of the oldest diseases described in medicine. In the middle of the 20th century connection of gout with adjournment of crystals of salts of uric acid was proved.

Can be primary and secondary. Primary form is connected with genetic defect - lack of enzyme which turns uric acid into soluble connection. Secondary gout develops from - for already available metabolic disorders, diabetes, diseases of endocrine system, pathologies of kidneys. At secondary gout there is an increase in production by an organism of uric acid, or she ceases to be brought in enough.

What occurs in a joint? Excess of uric acid in the form of an urat of sodium directs in a joint. There salt crystallizes and forms needles which injure an internal covering of a capsule of a joint and inevitably conduct to an inflammation - prostaglandin is released, it also causes acute, intolerable pain. According to literary data initially plusnefalangovy joint of a thumb of foot (60 - 90%) is surprised more often.

in the course of repeated attacks can be surprised knee, luchezapyastny joints.

This illness is interesting historically. Many ingenious people had this illness that definitely allowed to call it a genius sign. Communication of the beginning of a disease with plentiful meal and alcohol is also known that allowed to call it an illness of kings, aristocrats.

Columbus, Luther, Calvin, Godunov, Turgenev, Beethoven, Montaigne, Bacon, Michelangelo, Rubens, Rembrandt, Maupassant, Stendhal, Renoir, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Pushkin, Alexander of Macedon, Henry VI, Charles V, Cromwell, the cardinal Mazarini, Ivan the Terrible, Peter I, Maupassant had gout . (And actually this disease men, than women, mainly after 40 years have 10 times more often).

As it appeared, it diseases excited, literally, joints of so ingenious people and their minds, figuratively. It turned out that this disease is perfectly described in works of writers and their personal correspondences.

I. S. Turgenev so described the illness in the letter to L. N. Tolstoy: “ My Illness... at all harmless, though quite painful; the main trouble is that, badly giving in to drugs, it can long proceed and deprives of me ability of the movement “.

A.S. Pushkin. “ Dubrovsky “:“ The prince was about fifty years old, but he seemed is much older. Any excesses exhausted him health and put on it the indelible press... The prince limped, having been tired of the walk... After Kirill`s lunch Petrovich suggested to go astride, but the prince apologized... joking on the gout...“

“ His finger which still was very quiet from the quiet and peaceful youth turned into the roaring tiger, into electric current in six hundred volts, into a finger which each stone the hammer slowly splits up in " crushed stone;. It is not the thriller, but the description of an attack of gout which appeared from - under well-aimed Yaroslav Gashek`s feather.

Karl the Fifth is the Spanish king and in combination the prince of the Netherlands, the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire, there were many enemies - France, Protestants, the Pope. He was able to cope with these enemies, but … was which - that that forced to lower hands and literally to remain on the place as it was impossible to go further … Gout! Than it only did not treat: both infusion of Dubrovnik, and crude oil - nothing helped. The emperor could move only on a stretcher, at the same time legs of the monarch were shipped in the special bathtub which was warmed up by a portable oven.

At the present stage incidence of gout averages 3 persons for 1000. More often the term“ an abundance illness“ began to be used. Therefore, the diagnosis of gout - an occasion to change a way of life. Should normalize body weight, to refuse alcohol and to adhere to a certain diet.