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How to reduce a way to the purpose? Two magic questions

are known to us a lot of everyone the technician for sbych of dreams from simple to intricate which are urged to help people to achieve goals. Here to you both the goal-setting, and affirmation, and a positive spirit, is even computer programs which combine several technician. It would seem what else it is necessary: take any which is pleasant to you, work and everything will turn out.

But, nevertheless, people continue to look for, try one - throw, another and so on. There pass years, there are small results, but more and more some insignificant. So in what business? What do we do not so?

There is a saying If you learned the truth, you - are free . Most of people cannot freely reach the desirable because they do not know the truth about to themselves - that is really necessary for attraction of success in life. Means, the reason in elementary ignorance of, the own purposes and desires, true, but not imposed by society, a family, the TV. The desires arising from within in the depth of that soul which it is so frequent does not lie to what the head insists on.

As soon as we will be able to distinguish our true purposes, then we will start internal energy which is in each of us and when it begins to work, process of execution of the desirable it will be impossible to stop. Well there are no such barriers which could block to this energy a way. And question of achievement of success any more not If and When . Why?

Because only those purposes and tasks which executions you is so strong will be on the agenda, passionately you want that for the sake of them you are ready for everything, both nobody and anything can stop you. And it is unimportant as far as it will be difficult, terrible or expensive

A now we will try to learn how to get into the essence of this soul, up to the depth of heart and to open the valid true purposes.

By the way, there is the following statistics: if to regard our desires on a scale from 1 to 100, then those which have the importance 100 - also absolutely and are executed, those for which we allocate 60 - remain for 60% executed, well and so on. That day when we reach 61% of execution of desire which was estimated on a scale 60, process stops, the same as the dam stops water.

So, our task - to find those desires to which we undoubtedly will appropriate an assessment 100. Finding the deep, true purposes, you have to watch closely feelings which at you arise in the course of the answer to two main issues very much.

The first, that with which we begin (the truth, and people seldom answer it precisely):

What I would like to have?

the Second question is a tool for penetration deep into:

We will assume, I already possess it. Whether I reached what aspired to? Whether I received what to me did not get?

Continue to ask yourself the second question after each received answer (until to magma you do not dorot)...

Example. I want

Ya the car (perhaps, a certain brand.) I Present to

that I have this car as I go by it, etc.

A now I feel: in total? More nothing is necessary to me for happiness? Or practically at once there is a thought that now I need something else, and the car did not fill a niche in my soul at all? Moreover, I do not even test satisfaction from the fact that I have this car. Or I take pride, pleasure and happiness from possession?

that you reached a bottom is sent in addition to truth in the answers you will understand because this moment is followed very strong, sometimes even by the penetrating emotional reaction. You will feel when it happens.

Asked Renoir once how he defines that the picture is finished? The artist answered: When I stop to paint a picture and I feel some pressing pain, I know that it is finished .

the True desire is the only reason of achievement by people of success in everything. Work, improve this process, and you will lead life, full pleasure and pleasure, satisfaction in all its spheres at any its moment.

P. S. By the way, after obtaining the present answer to the second question, it is possible and to work with other technicians, in that case they will not damage but only will accelerate and will decorate achievement process...