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What actually one call to parents means?

to Write the words god love and parent only from capital letter I was taught by the sister. Contrary to all standards of Russian and the diploma of the journalist gained by it. At that time she was called not just Alyona Valeryevna, and mother Anastasia as she was married for... priest.

- Yul, and mail in our country KGB is so written from a capital letter, and such important words - with small?! - she was indignant, hiding the scattering locks under a scarf. I only laughed, writing off its sermon for the settled religious beliefs.

And now, sixteen years later, having lifted up two sons and having estimated, the profession " is how difficult; mother I understand that Alyonka was generally right. At least, Mother and Father I always write only this way, with header!

... My parents divorced long ago. The father lives with other woman. But our relationship with the father for all these years, thank God, did not change! Galina Dmitriyevna loves my sons as family. (In the same way the Father once accepted and brought up her grandson). We often visit them, and on days off sometimes we throw up sons.

I do not rush to this woman at a meeting, I do not embrace on holidays, I do not share something intimate. But I precisely know: I can count on it at any time! Only at it my sons will learn punctuality and honesty, iron will and unrestrained energy. Such Mrs. Thatcher. Even in the 70!

And here - anniversary. Somewhere for half a year to a celebration she makes the list of guests, vyzvanivat distant relatives, quietly saves money to strike us not in a familiar way with a smart table.

we Gather on a kitchen garden. The father leaves to meet us in a ceremonial jacket.

All - the turn: short exchange of news, rassazhivaniye of guests of honor, the first, second and third toast for the birthday woman, the remarkable grandmother and the beautiful hostess.

And here she rises, somehow lonely looks round us and suddenly with undisguised nervousness begins to finger a tip of a magnificent palatine:

- I, of course, to all is grateful to you, my dear! Thank you that postponed all affairs, arrived here so, to weekday, directly here. Thanks! And you... - she falters a little. I puzzly raise on it eyes. - You, please, call us though sometimes. To us, old men, more nothing is necessary. Once a week call or throw SMS : a pier, are live - are healthy. We will be glad...

Silence. I scaredly blink and I askance at the husband. That grunts and, having hastily barked: For the birthday woman - to the bottom! overturns a shot glass. Guests restore a conversation thread again. I sit as the Chinese bobblehead, something I answer relatives, I breed in the parties bound together a cat and children, mechanically I thump salad in a plate. Even I do not feel cognac! Affairs... Here to you and Iron Lady!

Once long ago on the TV twisted such advertizing: a small nest with baby birds against the loud, fussing pack. They grew up and forgot the parents. And you remember? Call parents!

At that time mine mother with the father were live - are healthy, rather strict and exacting to me and always near by. Therefore advertizing somehow did not cling! At most, from what ran a chill - it is a species of tiny, defenseless baby birds. Well, and all.

A covered here...

But it yet not all! Probably, the Universe decided to arrange me large-scale check on durability. Literally in couple of days, expecting in hospital turn of the therapist, I involuntarily became the witness of someone else`s drama.

Near me the gray-haired woman sat: quietly talked to neigbours, smiled to someone`s children and accurately smoothed the direction from the doctor. Outside there was a stuffy July evening therefore doors in all offices were open.

the Woman came, and all in a corridor heard:

- to you should take medicine daily. Buy with a stock at once.

- I live in the settlement, in the capital seldom I am... - quietly the woman spoke.

- Well, call children - let they will buy everything to you.

- We with the daughter parted... - the woman hesitated.

- Swore perhaps? there is no

-. But we do not communicate... And it is inconvenient to me to call.

of the Old woman was loudly zatsokat languages and osuzhdayushche hooted. I for some reason wanted to be pressed in a chair stronger. Well, all right, figs with you, the unfamiliar, grown, not learned gratitude pig! You do not want to call mother - well, just bring her tablets! Silently put in a mailbox. Leave at neighbors. Also do not communicate further if conscience allows. Here you will just do when you remain in this world absolutely alone???

In the same evening, all family, we sat down to watch darlings Smesharikov.

the Odd fellow - the inventor Ping at last waited from space the iron baby. He so wanted to listen as the iron little man spent this year that saw where he was. But Bibi escaped to friends: at first it was necessary to chat with Krosh, then to listen to new verses of Barash, then to rock on a swing with Nyusha, then to make a ship together with the Hedgehog, then... And then time to depart on the new planet came, and the shivering Ping, choking, ran in on the mooring, on - parental grabbing Bibi hand:

- You write, the sonny! Though sometimes. Though write a day regimen in the letter. I will wait!!!

the Little son looked through credits and skipped away to himself to the room. Having had a snack on a lip not to start howling, I stared in a wall. The husband somehow perplexed looked at me, sighed and hasty began to nod the head.

without arranging, we stretched to tubes:

- take the Woman Lida!

- And you is a father!

Talked. Looked at each other. Exhaled. And again nodded each other. Here also established one more good tradition: on Saturdays to otzvanivatsya to parents. Let will listen about progress of grandchildren and our achievements.

Actually, it is simple. Only several figures... And it will become easier for your parents to breathe!