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What main features of the Russian ethnic cuisine?

without being a professional cook, the author never misses opportunities to prepare something for relatives, and is equal also itself. And still the author likes to travel, guests from - for a cordon should be accepted also. And this article is given rise as the developed answer to people who appeared in Russia the first time and want to spend time with advantage for stomachs, without deception for brains and obvious ruin of a purse.

1. And so, main called and the most notable of differences of Russian cuisine - its sour note. It is present at many snack (a pickles, a mocheniye, fermentations), soups (a rassolnik, Russian cabbage soup, solyanka), seasonings (horse-radish, mustard), rye bread and even drinks (kvass). Sour taste allows to act as means of concealment and emulsification of fat (you represent - rich Russian cabbage soup from sauerkraut with sour cream and after the field and any of the second this day do not prepare).

2. One more highlight - the richest snack table in the world. All our pickles, aspics, balyks in the 19th century created a furor in Paris! Therefore the person, with Russian cuisine to a little familiar, should not eat too much for want of habit snack that and for other foods to reserve the town.

3. Same (the richest in the world) repertoire of soups. One ear with okroshka of what stand! And in Europe for some reason soups consider as something like an ancient, folklore dish (the same French bouillabaisse or the Swedish chanterelles soup). In America there is an ordinary opinion that soups are cooked only by poor people and natives. So want to blow the mind of the foreigner - feed him rich and hawt!

4. Meat is used rather seldom, as a rule - prepared by a large piece (usually boiled or stewed in a pot). It was preferred as a different bird and a game, beef was used seldom, more often mutton. From - for a large number of fast days much more meat fish was used, and is even more often - vegetables and mushrooms. Here recipes of dishes from the last our kitchen knows well just great variety.

5. The cult of such useful and tasty dishes as porridges - fast and ferial, dairy and sweet, friable and viscous is typical for our kitchen. If it is correct to observe technological proportions and to treat process with love and oil, then even of horror of my pro-army dreams - usual " grain; fraction 16 (it pearl-barley) it is possible to make something delightful. The same is yachnevy, millet, oat grain (I do not speak already about buckwheat). However, fighters for a graceful figure somehow decline us to ignoring of porridge as class.

6. Sour cream acts as universal fat - greasing (at Germans and Ukrainians is a salted pork fat, French have a butter, Italians have an olive oil). It the set of dishes and practically all soups, except fish soup refuels.

7. Desserts per se are generally presented by pastries and berries dishes. Honey is used much more often than sugar, and even more often - jam.

8. As national drink it is possible to consider well made and correctly given black tea or grain kvass. Whether to carry here vodka - a question diskutabelny and let everyone solve it at discretion. Though traditionally Russian most of serious researchers consider drinks low-degree (beer, a mead, home brew, sbiten).

Here, in principle, a necessary minimum of knowledge with which it is possible to send the stranger to culinary travel over our country. Well and all - bon appetit and tasty dishes!