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Old age - not pleasure How it is beautiful to grow old?

It is boring to Grow old, but it is the only way to live long .

(F. G. Ranevskaya)

of What only thought out mankind to remove time of approach of a hated senile infirmity. Both plastic surgeries, and clarification of an organism at the cellular level, and called stem cells to the aid. Healthy lifestyle. Starvation. Hygiene. And there is a lot more - many new and ancient recipes.

Now even fashion such - not just to be healthy and and to grow old long and beautifully. To grow wiser and enjoy life at any age. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle yields the results. Recently heard from the fitness instructor: Are ill either lazy, or silly! Categorically and specifically. And the grain of truth in her words, certainly, is. If not to take congenital, karmic diseases in attention, any illness can be won, is not accepted by an organism. But it is possible with it and to reconcile, allow it to lodge in your body. To carry it, to care and cherish. To complain everything. It is a lot of and to tell about the illnesses with gusto. Who did not meet such people?

Scientists proved long ago that the first pessimists grow old. (And here an internal positive spirit - a half of success on the way to young and to a healthy lifestyle.) Add intellectual and physical passivity to a bouquet of minor mood, knead it on indifference to own health. Several bad habits - smoking, alcoholic dependence, an overeating and violation of the mode in general. A little low-quality food, the infected water. Also receive a full portrait of the old man. Regardless of real age stresses, big loadings and a lack of rest can Add with

the list of enemies of youth.

How to survive in so hostile environment? How not to grow old ahead of time? How to keep the nature this health? To keep and increase!

You keep the mind in a tone. All my relatives - old men (on age) kept clarity of mind and sensible mind to extreme old age. Daily reading classics and discussion of news. The analysis read and heard. Solution of crossword puzzles and quizes. Favourite transfers in a family - What? Where? When? and The game .

Change gastronomic addictions. Overeating badly in itself. As well as any other action with a minus sign. Excesses never lead to a victory. It is not so much necessary for the person in days. Both on calories, and on the weight of the eaten food. And here to quality of the consumed products - special attention. As often people reduce the life the careless relation that put in themselves. In literal and figurative sense. The head - a tablet in a mouth ached at once. And whether you know about its side effects? Or when there will be a problem - then will treat? Will arise, will arise!

Adjust water balance of an organism. And if food it is necessary for the person a little - 0,5 - 1 kg a day, then it is necessary to drink waters enough.

The most important rule of youth - a positive spirit. Any habit changes within 21 days. You do not trust? To Poprobuytestat the owner of the thoughts these three weeks. Carry out accurate audit of the negative. Analyse that unsettles you. Also become, at last, the owner of the thoughts. Life - the fact that we think of it! It is not necessary to run away from reality. Each medal has a back.

Find adherents. Often it is difficult for person to begin some business alone. There are many clubs on interests. Even it is more cheerful to make morning jogs or an evening heat with the friend. The main thing that it were no collective boozes or a raskurivaniye of hashish from a pipe of peace Too joint rest .

It is beautiful to grow old - science! And it is necessary to think of it from the youth. And when the old age will come - will be already late.