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What led increase in a mouse livestock at us on the Texas ranch to?

For some reason at us on the ranch in Texas divorced this summer awful quantity of mice.

My usual reaction to wild beasts - live and let`s live another. In a case with mice it means that when I switch on at night light in kitchen, mice have conscience and hide that I had an opportunity quietly to drink to tea (or wine) and to eat to cheese if to me it is not slept.

However if mice become impudent to the fact that they stare at me when I am included into the kitchen - then the relations move to the following level - disposals of impudent cohabitants.

An exception is time when I am visited by my mummy - then all arrangements are cancelled as mummy is afraid of mice to spasms and at a species even of the most harmless and lovely mouse flies up on a table without the prevention, but with wild squeal. Not a sight for the faint of heart as mummy is my lady stately and advanced in years.

However, in a warm season the mouse wild beasts do not climb to the house, and keep outside, sometimes visiting garage. It is necessary to tell you what we with the husband do not like anything to throw out. The stock, as we know, a pocket does not ache. Therefore in our garage in the known disorder there is a set of useful things - the boxes full of old magazines; boxes full of former husband`s inventions; the boxes full of my former hobbies (for example, at one time I very much liked to dress up toy bears); garden stock; dog forage; and a lot of things still.

And now let`s imagine quiet morning on the ranch in Texas. Let`s come in a patio (to a terrace), we will sit down at a table under the canopy twined greens quietly to drink a cup of coffee and to discuss plans for day. Darling, bring to me, please, cold " juice;. The road goes to the refrigerator which is located in garage, and - sees a snake who lies just in front of the refrigerator. (It is known that mice are the main snake food...)

Accurately vozvratyas back - without juice - the road reports on existence of a snake. As it is not the first snake met by me in Texas I know that should be done. And I call in the commission on control of wild animals.

The first there comes the gallant sheriff. At this moment of a dragon, though excited with vanity, still is in front of the refrigerator. Very accurately the sheriff is included into our garage and looks at a snake then tells us that the specialist in control of animals will arrive soon, and quickly leaves our hospitable house.

The snake already strongly is nervous and begins to look for more secluded habitat. Therefore when in 30 minutes there comes the specialist in wild animals, she is not visible any more. Having taken out a bucket on which it is written " from the car; For snakes two long sticks with hvatalka on the ends, and having trustfully told me what hates snakes, the expert is stolen in garage, diligently keeping in a rear guard. I show where last time saw a snake. Unostentatiously pokovyryav couple of boxes and anybody without having found, he with relief tells me that there is no snake, and hasty retires from a battlefield.

By a professional advice we with the husband showed special accuracy, entering into garage. But in few weeks it bothered us, and life went the turn. I began to think, whether not to increase to me a cattle livestock on the ranch (presented at that moment by three dogs and mice) by purchase of chickens. Here only say that snakes love eggs even more, than mice...