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What can teach the kid, just playing with him in machines? The first vehicle fleet of

Many mothers are familiar with a situation when machines are given preference in games of boys, and all " offers; look what remarkable geometrical figures! or let`s put these multi-colored cubes in size! are just rejected by the child as uninteresting.

When to our younger son year, I with enthusiasm of the neophyte was executed (so many new and bright grants it is possible to buy now!) started to to introduction of the concepts . Color, a form, quantity, the sizes - for all this were acquired separate sets of figures, inserts, pyramids, a framework

I was very much offended by unwillingness of the kid to play such things wonderful (in my opinion) whereas to roll the machine, then still existing in one copy, it could long enough. Our epic also began with this machine. Now house vehicle fleet was replenished to the frightening sizes, is, of course, and other toys, but they generally serve as addition to park of cars.

I often told to neigbours in a sandbox about our non-standard methods of acquaintance to world around. One mother even asked to dictate her some moments as being IT - the engineer in general vaguely imagined, how exactly it is necessary to play with the child that to teach him to something. Then also the idea to write about ours " was born at me; machine experiences - suddenly really it is useful to someone else! As all began

, or multi-colored machines

the Very first machine bought by the careful father was made by

of metal and painted in brightly - yellow color. All also began with it as I already spoke. The one-year-old son just rolled it to and fro, thoughtfully examining the turning wheels.

I, remembering that color - one of the first markers world around and without finding a due response of the kid to my attempts to palm off a pyramid instead of the machine, just bought three more machines (natural tone) - blue, red and green; and the next pyramid - wooden, with five rings of four primary colors. Ours godovasik was delighted with machines, tried to roll them all at once, itself, without display, built them one after another engine . And in the first day I did not prevent it to play - sometimes it important too.

Next morning the son again with enthusiasm rolled the vehicle fleet and here I was slowly connected. Having sorted a notorious pyramid on rings, I it is simple put a yellow ring on a roof of the yellow machine and drove to a pyramid core. The son very attentively watched my actions, without doing attempts to interfere. Having slowly approached, the " machine; unloaded a ringlet on a pyramid core also returned to the kid. Accompanying all process of a raising with the corresponding sounds and words: The Yellow machine brought a yellow ringlet for our pyramid I repeated the same with machines of other flowers and the remained rings.

I did not focus attention of the child on the size of rings, but itself strung correctly - from bigger to smaller. We long - played minutes ten, to the end of the game the kid himself gave me machines, and I only from above put ringlets, brought to a core of a pyramid and collected it. During the day I did not play with it any more, but also machines, and rings were in free access and the child himself somehow pottered with them. However, it did not do any attempts to collect a pyramid that afflicted me at that moment a little. But in several days ours godovasik itself tried to collect a pyramid, disregarding, however, sizes of rings absolutely!

As we studied the sizes

Using games with machines and a pyramid, I tried " again; to bring a didactics element - to teach the kid to correlate the size of the objects . Stringing rings, I pronounced their size, but not color, then decided to try inserts and a bachata. But the sonny introduced amendments also here - to him was absolutely uninteresting inserts to put just like that! But when I, having bought two more trucks (more - less), became to bring a bachata and the same inserts - at once took up an initiative.

Then (on my records in Mother`s diary leaves - in 1,3 years) I the fairy tale Three bears began to tell, using three bowls, cups, spoons and a set of manual characters for puppet theater. Infinitely repeating big - is less - small and small - is more - big I and here attracted machines: after display of the fairy tale just played with the kid in machines, transplanting bears and displaying attributes by the sizes in the corresponding bodies.

It is interesting that correlation of objects of a sign took place rather successfully in that case when in game machines were used, and it was absolutely ignored by the child when using didactic grants .

of the Machine in world around

Summer of our already one-and-a-half-year-old son did not do without transport too. Machines helped us to enter such words into the active dictionary as grass sand stones " water;. We even put experiences why the machine from metal sinks, and plastic floats.

It was necessary to correlate the sizes of boxes and covers to them via machines again - game was called to close garage . I used a set of round boxes from IKEAs a box from - under footwear and the plastic container with a cover. Machines corresponded as on color (yellow garage for the yellow car and the same color, to pick up the same door to garage), and in a form (rectangular garage for the truck, and the same form, to find the same door).

Threading on a lace of different figures did not do without transport too: the kid with concentration passed throughout holes a string from the big dump truck! And when then all balls - rings with a roar fell down at further transportation - with all the heart laughed loudly and with pleasure repeated experiments!

Plugs of different forms and flowers were found by me by big plastic truck with openings of suitable forms, on sides of different color - just bought and played. And here with sizes of openings and their correlation with sizes of toys (of course, machines), it was more difficult: it was necessary to invent a miracle - a box, to paste over it and to cut through on different sides of a hole of different size. In the biggest of them it was possible quite and to push the truck, and for the smallest only race also approached. A box it was uncovered, " machines; left garage and all repeated again.

Then, by New year, we also grew to determination of height - the father to us constructed garage of the designer, and all gate in it - different height. Driving the bus or the car into garage, our kid just turned it in search of the aperture suitable on height.

By two years our child quite coped with the " tasks; on classification transport, certainly. Surely distinguished and showed the dump truck, the truck, Ambulance race, the tractor could distinguish from the excavator. By itself arose and the concept " was consolidated; movement " speed;.

But development of the kid has to be harmonious, and I had to invent games and exercises again - now for training in the account, application, a molding and drawing. I kept records and photos, and I will surely tell about our transport experiments in the following article.