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What cuts a radio knife? About ways of treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus

Today even more often women face the diagnosis uterus neck erosion . The age does not matter, childbirth - too. In what the reason of this disease? High impurity of environment, abundance of electromagnetic radiation from people around us at work and houses of devices, a fast food, stresses at work, on the way to work and back, a house sleep debt, a lack of physical activity. Antibiotics. As a result - the reduced immunity. Mechanical injuries of a neck of a uterus, an inflammation of appendages, undertreated infections can provoke development of this illness. But it is characteristic more likely of residents of megalopolises, than rural toilers.

In language of gynecologists the erosion is the not studied red spot seen in gynecologic mirrors. Happens so-called erosion of pregnant women which usually passes after the delivery. Within this article we will talk about another - about an erosion which call a site of an ektopiya mucous (the regenerated epithelium fabric) on a uterus neck and which can be present very long.

The site can be small (about a cheap coin) or extensive. The main danger of a disease consists that regeneration of cages can be malignant and over time lead to a uterus neck cancer. Quality of cages is defined by cytologic research: from the site of an erosion processed by special solution a small amount of cages is scratched out and goes to inspection. If there are key cages, the patient is directed to the oncologist.

Earlier an erosion treated to the giving birth women as the way of disposal was one - cauterization electric current. After it there was a hem, and the woman allegedly could not give birth independently any more. Now it became clear that hems sometimes resolve and do not prevent to give birth to the child in the natural way. But, nevertheless, such procedure only after the child`s birth is applied.

Some gynecologists recommend not to treat " at all; quiet an erosion, and just to observe if the birth still at least of one child is planned. But it causes certain troubles, for example, bloody allocations after sexual intercourse. The constant center of an inflammation, though small, is not necessary in the woman`s organism at all. Therefore today an erosion treat and not giving birth, and to mothers of several children.

Before elimination of an erosion it is necessary to exclude existence of any urogenital infections. Treatment begin on 4 - 7 - y day of a cycle that the wound managed to hem to the following periods. Options of treatment can be as quick, and without surgical intervention. What in an arsenal of doctors is today?

Cauterization by electric current. Only for giving birth. In the majority a case there is a hem. Painfully.

Removal of an erosion radio knife (device Surgitron). The affected area is cut off under the influence of a radio wave. This method gives the chance if necessary to correct cut depth, does not leave a thermal burn, allows to restore microflora of a vagina quickly. The healing period - from 4 - x weeks. Anesthesia is possible.

Treatment by a preparation Solkovagin. It is carried out at young people and not giving birth women to 2 - 4 receptions during one menstrual cycle. Efficiency makes about 95%. Is painless, does not demand abstention in intimate life and restrictions in reception of bathtubs, swimming.

Kriodestruktion`s . the site Affected with an erosion is processed liquid nitrogen - the layer of sick cells is frozen. Subsequently it slushchivatsya. According to reviews - without serious consequences.

Laser. Along with removal of a sick site healing goes, the recovery period is cut approximately by half. The method is shown to all women, but is not in all medical institutions and is quite expensive.

I will describe in detail the course of elimination of an erosion a radio knife and features of the recovery period after application of this method. The doctor can not tell some trifles which are natural, but can cause a fright if not to know about them.

Pain during operation is, but when processing (not obkalyvaniya!) uterus necks lidocaine they remind a pandiculation in the bottom of a stomach at periods. Then the cut is processed by potassium permanganate solution, and the patient can go home. In the first days there will be no bloody allocations, they will appear only when process of scarring of a wound goes. Can remind periods, but this operation does not influence a cycle.

In the first month after operation and before survey by the gynecologist there are strict restrictions :

not to lead sex life before postoperative survey and permission of the doctor (about a month);

not to use tampons at all (blood, slime - very fertile environment for reproduction of microbes and if also to cork a vagina, then in heat and without air access process of reproduction of undesirable flora will go quicker and healing will be slowed down);

not to take alcoholic drinks (at hit in an alcohol organism vessels extend and process of healing is broken);

not to lift weight;

not to take a bath that water, and with it and excess microbes did not get into a vagina.

The doctor will register askorutin for restoration of vessels, and in a week after operation - unpleasant allocations will appear at this time - it is necessary to treat with candles with hlorgeksidiny, interferon and taurine (candles of two types, alternate) - 20 days. The bloody allocations which began in about 7 - 10 days after operation take place in 10 - 14 days, that is just to arrival of the following cycle. The gynecologist performs the first inspection after end of a course of candles or after periods - as it will turn out at the patient. As a rule, in a month one layer of an epithelium accrues, and sex life is allowed. A month more leaves on education 2 - 3 - a layer epithelium. Then again on survey - it is also possible to lead full life!