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Ragout from a kangaroo or What is eaten in Australia?

If in all reference books about national cuisine of Australia were dogmatized twenty years ago that its basis is made by exclusively meat dishes, then now this statement is not so unambiguous. Except them, at a mention of traditions of the Australian kitchen such dishes as Vegemite (brown nutritious weight from yeast which is smeared on bread), the Australian meat pie, the well-known biscuits of Arnott, a dessert " at once emerge; Anna Pavlova - a kiwi with meringue and fresh cream (called so in honor of the Russian ballerina).

But to consider that Australians without a break eat days stakes with blood and barmy putty, also ridiculously, as well as the fact that in Ukraine eat only one borsch for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner.

As well as in many countries with the colonial past, in Australia the kitchen is divided into two main directions: food of natives (so-called bush tucker) and kitchen of those people who came to develop the continent. At natives it is the various types of meat and fish baked on coals in the special way - when the piece of meat is wrapped in a grass and the smoldering coals (it is traditional not without magic spells). The kitchen of colonists is various as well as national structure of settlers - are inherent in it not only English - the Irish traditions, but also culinary receptions of Asian cuisine, especially Japanese, Chinese and Malayan.

The fact remains: in Australia exotic and unique everything, especially food - how is banal it sounded. The real gourmets by all means will find for themselves the mass of new impressions. If to begin with the fact that the majority of plants and animals of this continent any more in the world does not meet anywhere, then at once it is possible to imagine all variety of the Australian kitchen. In it local vegetables and fruit - riberriz, seeds of the Australian acacia, banye nuts, leaves of pepper, discharge - a cockatoo and many other things are widely used. And it except known to us blackberries, papayas, a citrus, a kiwi, mango, avocado and other tropical fruit.

For those who prefer meat in the Australian kitchen not less exotic dishes are presented. Does not threaten to take at least a kangaroo - extinction to this species of animals for a long time, and recently their meat was authorized to free sale. From - for low the content of fat it became unusually popular and makes one of important articles of export of the country. Restaurants serve a kangaroo in sauce from quandong, fruit which is called dessert peach and soup from tails of this animal. It is possible to taste meat of a crocodile and opossum, a camel and an ostrich of an emu or delicacies from bugs, larvae of an uitchetta and whitebaits of eels are except various rabbit, mutton and beef dishes. As seasoning to meat it is used chatn - spicy apples sauce with ginger, a carnation and wine vinegar.

As for fish, the barracuda, the trout baked in coals, salmon and fish of a barramanda are considered as national dishes. On the coast, especially in Adelaide, it is possible to try dishes from lips and fins of a shark, and also various seafood - for example, blue crabs and fresh-water oysters (who are found only there), and also shrimps, lobsters, oysters, spiny lobsters and mussels. By the way, each territory in Australia is famous for the crown dishes: Sydney - oysters, Bowe - mango, Koffin Bae - combs, Tasmania - salmon, especially a salmon.

Of course, globalization concerned also this far continent, and there everywhere it is possible to meet the American snack bars and the Chinese snackbars - but with it it is necessary to be reconciled as with an inevitable evil. Fortunately, the Australian kitchen has an own powerful potential. It promptly develops, and some experts claim that they now this country - one of the centers of world cookery, and strongly recommend it for gastronomic rounds.