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Where there are unique airlines?

air flights stopped being Presently a fascinating adventure, and on the emotional filling remind a trip by the regular bus. It at the beginning of aviabusiness development onboard was allowed to smoke, passengers were elegantly dressed, and the cost of the ticket demonstrated that the plane - all this is luxury. Now all services are most unified, at most, what the difference between airlines (if not to take quality indicators in attention) consists in is in whether feed onboard and whether it is possible to depart if something happens other flight.

Nevertheless, the bigger scope globalization accepts, the great value is got by unique services - especially in such field of activity as travel. Therefore special services of air carriers can be found first of all in tourist places.

For example, in Nepal there is a number of internal airlines which offer so-called mountain flight - the sentry weeds around Everest. The real judge - the traveler, of course, will choose the company under the name Buddha Air or Yeti Airlines - out of respect for the celebrated Himalaya personalities. The service offered by them a little in what differs from each other - to mountains as a rule fly 12 - local fokker, and tickets should be bought on the very first flight - otherwise he can be detained from - for fog, and to throw the plane in another, more demanded from the point of view of dispatchers, the place.

On the Maldives there is a unique transport service - it combines signs of a taxi and air carrier: directly from hotel it is possible to order a seaplane for flight between islands of the archipelago. These services are provided by the Maldivian Air Taxi and Hummingbird Island Airways companies, but, unfortunately, they serve not all atolls. The similar service is also in Monaco - only there two local airlines - Heli Air Monaco and Monacair specialize in helicopter transportations. In other island state - Saint - Vincent and Grenadines, located on Caribbean Islands, is the internal airline too - Mustique Airways called so in honor of the unique private island of Mustique.

And for travelers in the real exotic places - such as Yakutia or the Polar region, useful will be acquaintance with Polar Airlines - airline, unique at least because it only in the Russian Arctic. Except, certainly, passenger traffic and charter flights, enter the list of the rendered services Fire-fighting of the woods and pastures or Shooting of wild animals .

Unfortunately, aviacorporations especially do not show (so far) aspiration to offer passengers something new, except an opportunity to go during flight on-line. But all - shifts are outlined. For example, onboard planes of the Canadian company of the stewardess arrange flashing show about safety rules with texts: now, when all of you sat down and were fastened, it is a high time to show you how to use a " belt;; or emergency exits are accurately designated with the help, will not believe for anything, the sign emergency exit and so forth. Or the Air New Zealand company - with its help it is possible to make round-the-world weeds.

But further all the Virgin airline went. Her father and the ideological inspirer, the freak - the businessman Richard Branson, without hesitating, enters various innovations: double beds onboard for married couples, lessons of foreign languages on the international flights or service of answers to any questions during flight. Besides, in plans of the company there was a purchase of six airbuses A380 equipped with gyms, offices, beds and a casino, but the decision to postpone it for several years was made.

Most likely, it is connected with the fact that Branson was fond of the new project - Virgin Galactic - the company which will be engaged in flights in space by the first-ever private spaceship. The spaceport will be constructed by 2010 in the state New - Meksiko, but on the first flight to an orbit more than 200 people booked to themselves tickets worth 100 thousand pounds (we will remind, flights on ISS cost two first space tourists on 20 million dollars). Thus, the unrealizable children`s dream of flights in space can soon become usual tourist service.