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What to do if life seems intolerable?

It really happen when the person reaches a condition of despair. Many people break the lives, without having managed to cope with a similar situation. Up to the termination by its suicide.

the Reason for which people appear in such situation is absence of vital will, fear of difficulties and pity to itself. All these qualities exert negative impact on the person.

That life stopped being intolerable, it is necessary to get rid of these qualities. Absence of vital will and fear of difficulties do not allow the person to realize the potential that leads the person to degradation. The person who cannot open the talents put in him it is not dependent on for what reason he cannot make it, it is rather unhappy.

Pity to itself arises when the person thinks that it lacks love. So usually egoists think. The egoist wants that he was loved, but itself at the same time does not show love to people, and only plays a role of the valid and kind person. Also does something not because loves but because wants that after that its began to love more.

Such people are dependent on pity. They want to hear words of love in the address and when do not hear them, take offense and upset. Nonsense, differently not to call. In this situation it will be correct to tell such person that he is an egoist and loves only himself that he needs to change, begin to love others, renouncing, sometimes, the interests. To speak sincerely, but not maliciously in words. The rage of good will not bring. And the truth will do it only good.

of Pity to itself should not be. There has to be a wisdom in care of the organism, of the personality, but not pity. To get rid of pity to itself, it is necessary to begin to care for others gratuitously. And very just to make it. It is necessary just to begin. Help the old woman to pass through the road, without expecting even thanks, the main thing - with desire to help, but not “for show“.

Wisdom is also necessary in order that the nobility in what situation what to tell. But if you speak with love - that you will not be mistaken. The love is a key to any situation because each person reaches for love.

If to speak with love, then you will surely tell the correct words. Otherwise cannot be. Main - not the word, but the word from God. It is possible to tell the same words, but in one case to speak sincerely and with love, and in another - with flattery and rage. The effect will be various as for this purpose to whom speak, and for the most speaking. Angrily will never bring anything good under what it would not mask and as if it was not repaid.

the Relation to life defines life. To change the relation, it is necessary to change the principles on the basis of which it is formed. The necessary principles are a love, wisdom and courage are a contrast called at the beginning of article. Having assumed them as a basis and relying on them, you will never consider life intolerable. And you will be very happy that you live.