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What needs to be considered at insurance of the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE? The choice of insurance company

As a question of insurance of the car, the choice of insurance company and its tariffs is rather important and very expensive, it is necessary to approach it thoughtfully and seriously.

3. Studying of a rating of insurance companies. If the owner of the car independently studies a rating of insurance companies for the purpose of finding of the most reliable. Often criterion for definition of the very best best insurer is the number of the signed contracts. And can be in the leaders elected by such principle not how many those companies which specialize directly in insurance how many firms which are used as intermediaries and tax optimizers - at them are indicators with the number of contracts usually at height.

4. The choice of insurance company has to depend not only on the insurance price. Cheaper - does not mean better. For example, having seen lower tariff under the contract of the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, the motorist can not pay attention to point speaking about the separate franchize because of the driver. Or to see, but to decide that such skilled driver as he will definitely not have an accident on the fault. In this case the question of honesty of the staff of traffic police who arrived to the place of road accident and recorded the accident fact can play a dirty trick with the driver if to make him a whipping boy and find guilty. Then, according to the contract of insurance, compensation will be reduced by the sum (usually very considerable) of the franchize.

Also less expensive tariff for insurance of the car can provide a condition of night storage it on protected (surely!) to parking. And how often owners of cars take the receipt on the parking? In case of damage of the car, the insurance company makes a claim to parking. And it is unimportant whether you put the car, having paid cash on the parking which you use many years, or you ask the watchman of the parking to look after car in the unfamiliar district. If the driver does not show the check (receipt) on payment for storage of the car then and to prove that you not just threw the car without supervision, it will be almost impossible.

For the driver will be to determine by the best the list of the conditions and tariffs necessary for it, to compare them in several insurance companies (previously having looked for information on reliability of the above-stated firms), and then to choose the insurer.

5. Reliability of the insurer - too an important condition. In a century of a world wide web will be not superfluous to take an interest in reviews of work of the company of her clients which already experienced on themselves all delights of approach of insured events and are familiar with conditions of payment of monetary compensation not only on paper, but also alive. What claims (and as them much) is at clients to the insurance company what documents have to be collected right after a loss occurrence what delays can arise at payment - to learn it, it is worth spending the time. Payment of monetary compensation is and there is a main goal of an insurance.

6. Studying of all (!) documents. The insurance policy or the insurance contract, as a rule, does not bear in themselves all information on insurance conditions. To learn all nuances, it is necessary to study (besides, it is desirable together with the expert) rules of insurance on which the firm provides the services. And if the insurance contract contains residue from rules of insurance, the insurance policy is the simplified version of the contract of insurance. Also does not comprise the most interesting. And as you, likely, know, the most interesting is what is written by a small print. These are those details and trifles on which at a loss occurrence the sum of payments depends (or refusal of payments in general - according to these the most, in small print written conditions).

So be extremely attentive, making out insurance. It will save you from undesirable consequences.