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What needs to be considered at insurance of the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE? Compensation of damage

there Passed those times when the question of insurance of the car concerned only certain fans iron horses and for many other owners of cars was rather a luxury, than need. Now motorists are insured in large quantities and everywhere as in modern conditions it is not always possible to avoid efforts and expenses of money, nerves and health, relying only on the driver`s skill and reaction.

Times changed.

The COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE will indemnify loss in the following cases :

1. In case of stealing of the vehicle.

2. In case of accident.

3. In case of fire (explosion).

4. In case of falling of objects, including stones.

5. In case of natural disaster (a flood, a landslide etc.) .

Unlike the CMTPL, the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE is not an obligatory and necessary type of insurance. That is, choosing insurance company, the owner of the car does it not to avoid claims of supervisory authorities (for example, when passing checkup, crossing border usually demand existence of an insurance), and for himself. Well and, of course, for the favourite car.

What needs to consider by search of insurance company and the conclusion of the contract of insurance:

1. The COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE is not an obligatory type of insurance. Some drivers perceive this insurance as something unnecessary, superfluous. It is better to hope for the forces, than to regularly pay money to foreign uncle it is unknown for what (it is unknown for as why - before the first accident or approach of any other insured event).

2. The most important - search of insurance company with which terms of the contract will suit you.

Without knowing about a situation in the market of insurance, without having own experience in this case, the owner of the car has to find information on work of these or those insurance companies, on results of their work, an order and difficulty of receiving monetary payments for insured event. Usually owners iron horses listen to advertizing, the advice of the friends and acquaintances, managers of motor shows (especially if the new car is bought in salon). Each of these ways has the positive and negative moments.

Experience of friends and acquaintances , most likely, will be more truthful (if they have no occasions to hide from you any information, to adorn a situation or the practicality), but more one-sided. Is not so much people who suffered from different types of troubles or had experience of communication with many insurance companies. Even if the friend assures you that his insurer - the most reliable and the most honest, you do not hurry to put an end to all others. What suited your acquaintance (for example, speed of registration and lack of bureaucratic red tape and delays) can not suit you (for example, you are interested in insurance cost more). And still consider that information of your acquaintance on insurance company is not so much information on its work, how many about impression which work with this firm left at it personally.

Information specified by in advertizing , naturally, will unambiguously testify in favor of the customer of the advertizing company. Here too you should not take the word even if this word is spread around in advertizing leaflets and leaflets or it is repeatedly heard on the TV and radio. Only what is specified in the contract matters. And the contract and handbills may contain different conditions of insurance. And it means that it is necessary to study the contract in advance, but not at the time of its signing. And, if you do not possess big opytomv to this sphere and are not a lawyer, then better also to discuss his conditions with the expert who can be trusted. The insurance agent - is not counted. He, most likely, really is an expert, but gets paid taking into account commission charges from the concluded bargains of insurance, and its task - not so much to educate you in questions of insurance how many to convince to sign the contract. The expert (it is desirable, the lawyer) has to be either independent, or dependent of you.

Managers of motor shows work not with all insurance companies (and them much), and with one - two firms with which they signed (most likely) the contract. Also there is a probability that they also draw interest with it, that is will be not really objective in relation to the buyer. Purchase of a car on credit provides the obligatory conclusion of the contract of an insurance and, as a rule, with the insurance company specified by bank or credit institution (though here it is possible to try to agree - there is no harm in trying). And the buyer of the car ready to pay for its cost everything and at once has an opportunity to sign contracts at discretion. Therefore can follow advice of car dealership managers, but it is not obliged.

Relying on opinions of others (as interested, and disinterested persons), you should not forget that you from the pocket will pay for services of the insurer. And at a loss occurrence, you will communicate with the insurer in private, without the assistance of familiar, advertizing agents and managers of motor shows. And you will try to obtain payment of monetary compensation one too - if you do not belong to number of those lucky persons who are able to afford to entrust all affairs to lawyers.

Continuation - in the following article.