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How to use Google?

For what search service is intended? Of course for search! But programmers are people peculiar. When the main objective is carried out and everything works, it becomes boring for them. At such moments slips thought And that if Also work, that which not in the line of duty, and as a hobby begins to boil. And if it turned out well, then why not to share with the world? In this article some of creations of developers of Google are collected and just interesting finds in this reputable search engine.

What will be if to enter in a search box (2+3)*2 ? 10 ! And in response to 1000 RUR in USD at the Central Bank rate you receive quantity of dollars which can be bought for one thousand rubles. Both calculator and converter rolled into one. And converter not only currencies, but also units of measurements and physical constants. Conveniently? Undoubtedly.

For writing fraternity there are several convenient services too. The typed phrase automatically is checked by the program of spell check , and the searcher modestly assumes Perhaps, you meant:---? . Sometimes even the intriguing options come across very interesting, and, it is not obligatory at a large number of mistakes in the text of inquiry so it is worth treating this function with an easy share of irony. Except correction of mistakes, Google is able to select synonyms , for this purpose it is enough to put before a proper word a tilde ~ .

And search - inquiries just a well of subjects for authors Schools of life . Now, when you type the phrase in a search box, to you the search queries set by users with the indication of number of the found pages are removed. If to begin with usual questions ( As Who That Where Can be ), a lot of interesting and amusing will be. And the number of pages will prompt to you that it concerns people most of all.

Office workers or students to whom the severe system administrator forbade access to entertaining and to others, not less important to resources, will be helped by the translator! Having gathered in the address line www. google. com/translate? langpair=eng|ru &u= , receive the necessary website. In this case the translator will work as a proxy - the server.

Many do not know that can be looked for not only on contents of pages, but also on the headings title:zapros and on the address line inurl:zapros . For example, knowing features of the software of a web - chambers, it is possible to find them by means of inquiry of inurl:CgiStart? page=Single . Or to find all forums constructed on a cursor of Ikonboard inurl:ikonboard. cgi? to know the Main thing what to look for and to be afraid to experiment.

There is in general an abstract search, without concrete words and phrases. Some website was pleasant or on the contrary bothered and there is a wish for something new, but with similar contents and the direction? You want to find friends or competitors? No problem! In response to inquiry of related:adres of your website receive the list of resources with similar subject.

Remarkable " button; To me will carry right after pressing shows the first website from the list of the references found by your inquiry. For example, it is possible to change design of the searcher. Inquiries google xx - hacker google bsd google linux google gothic will replace design. Having gathered google easter egg and having pressed the treasured button it is possible to play a little, and inquiry rizis will bring on search on the military websites. These are only some of possible inquiries therefore try, suddenly you will find something interesting.

You remember right at the beginning the phrase about originality of programmers? Try to gather in a search box of Google I am a tsar or God`s website also press To me will carry . That`s it it also meant.

Good luck to you searching!