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Whether ignorance or Who translated " is capable to kill; Don - Quichotte ?

B 1592 Robert Green`s treatise " was published; Garden of wisdom of Green in which this nowadays forgotten writer reproached the fellow writers with unseemly behavior and views, urging them to think again. Among others he addressed also Marlo, being distressed that that in vain spends the gift for blasphemous and cynical speeches and acts, and compared it to famous Niccolo Macchiavelli.

And in 1633 the second edition of the play of Marlo " was published; Maltese Jew where there was a new hero who was not in the lifetime edition. This hero was called Makevill.

It appeared only to read a play prolog:

Let think - Machiavelli is dead;

of the Shower flew over it the Alps. Giza France having left

On death,

was it, to the friends Here.

Is possible which - to whom I am hated,

But at friends I will find protection.

Start up everything know: I am Machiavelli.

That people to me and that to me their words?

admire Me and hate.

is vain to reject my writing -

They are read to reach

of the Holy See


Religion is considered by me as a toy

I claim: there is no sin, there is a nonsense.

Or birds will convict murder of the sky? to me it would be a shame to

to listen to the Similar nonsense.

What to speak about the right for a crown? whether

I Caesar himself had the right to the power?

the Throne is approved by force, the law,

As at the Dragon, is strong only blood.

Who strong keeps the power, that governs longer,

Than that is specified by a condition of diplomas.

Let me envy

, and to hell pity!

Where to me to head? I arrived

Not for this purpose that to give lectures

In Britain

Machiavelli had no friends in Britain. And the fanatical French Catholic duke Giz could not prevent Machiavelli to visit her in any way - unlike the archbishop Kenterberiysky, during lifetime of possessing the same absolute power, as well as the Pope, and the dead in 1603.

It is curious also that it is possible to form Evill Ch anagram of the name Machevill. Ma. (devil Territory of Ma.)

One of the best-known phrases of this monologue - There is no sin but ignorance which can mean as there is no sin, there is only an ignorance as well as there is no other sin, except ignorance . One of synonyms of the words ignorance, nonsense was ingram .

Quite so called murderer Christopher Marlo. In the protocol on murder the name Ingram about six times are used while all other participants are called on a name and a surname.

We will read part of the protocol, having replaced the name Ingram word ignorance :

After a lunch above-mentioned Ignorance and above-mentioned Christopher Marlo started talking and publicly exchanged the offensive and menacing words because they could not reach agreement on payment of quantity of pence, in other words, about le reckynge... and suddenly above-mentioned Christopher Marlo snatched from a back on above-mentioned Ignorance, snatched out at it a knife which saw on a back of above-mentioned Ignorance, and put with an above-mentioned knife to above-mentioned Ignorance two head two inches long wounds and depth a quarter of inch. And then the above-mentioned Ignorance which is sitting on an above-mentioned bench between above-mentioned Nicholas Skerz and Robert Pauly, and not able anywhere to escape, for fear to be the killed, for the sake of protection of the life and safety directed above-mentioned Christopher Marlo`s hand in which there was an above-mentioned knife, back, as above-mentioned Ignorance could not escape from above-mentioned Christopher Marlo... And above-mentioned witnesses swear that above-mentioned Ignorance killed above-mentioned Christopher Marlo on the thirtieth of May...

It is curious that in the most expressive parts of the document Ingram Frezer looks as an allegorical figure. If the witty man laid the hand to this document, then symbolical value of a name - is more, than simple accident. Ignorance was the main enemy of priests - reformists, and their sermons against bishops were full of mentions of ignorance and illiteracy of the last.

When the reformist Gilles Widzhington was called for questioning to the archbishop in connection with case of anonymous lampoons, he refused to accuse himself: I consider so unnatural to give evidences against myself, as well as to stick a knife into an own eye. This business is doubtful and dangerous and therefore I will not accuse either myself, or others .

Christopher bravely battled against ignorance and lost a reputation if not life, in the witch-hunt started by the bishop in the spring of 1593. And when his accusers came, it theatrically stuck a knife into an eye instead of accusing itself, to be hitched up on a rack or to slander others.

As for Ingram Frezer, he undertook extremely ungrateful role - to become history with a brand of the murderer of the great poet. However owners - Thomas Uolsingem and his spouse Audrey Shelton - generously rewarded it for this victim, having made the managing director and having provided it comfortable existence until the end of days.

In 1598 Marlo`s poem " was published; Gero and Leandre written when he was a guest in the estate of Uolsingem. The poem was devoted to Thomas and Audret.

And in thirty years brilliant English translation of the well-known novel of Cervantes " was published; Don Quixote . On a cover the name of the translator - Thomas Shelton was printed . It was not succeeded to find any traces of the English writer with such name. Who disappeared under this pseudonym - it is unknown to this day.

There is, however, an official report sent by the English agency from Valladolid to London. In this official report it is told about a certain Christopher Marlo`s detention.

The biographer Marlo Lesley Hotson who found this official report assumed that the namesake and the namesake of the poet, the graduate of Oxford was a detainee. However the Oxford Marlo died in 1596. He conducted quite peaceful and measured life and never left England. Before death he made the will, and Hugh Holland - too the graduate of Oxford was one of his executors. Possibly, he was familiar from both Marlo - at that time students of Oxford and Cambridge well knew each other.

And 27 years later the same Hugh Holland wrote one of the dedications to Shakespeare published in the First Folio.

Truly - the pack is fancifully shuffled...