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How to get rid of an autumn depression?

Fall Leaves turn yellow and fall down, to become colder, and gradually we plunge into a whirlpool of the affairs. How to dilute dim paints of day, bright and light impressions?

First of all, it is necessary to stock up with a positive and energy which will not allow you to start missing in rainy day! And now forward, behind new adventures!!!

1. If you have works not in provarot that there is even no time to allocate a couple of minutes for rest or a lunch, do not despair! An exit is always! Namely, your days off. Believe, the days off for this purpose and exist to have a rest and therefore not in which case do not take work on the house. Spend this time with the family or friends better. You descend to walk in park; collect a multi-colored bouquet from fallen leaves. In working hours he will remind you of cheerfully spent time with friends or children that he will serve as a certain motivation for high-quality and fast performance of work. Make couple of pictures against the autumn wood, and just breathe fresh air, but not exhaust gases. I assure you, it is the best relaxation after difficult the worker of week!

2. Hurrah! there Came the next days off, however here weather does not whisper to go for a walk. But do not despair, and in cloudy day it is possible to find a large number of interesting occupations, only your desire for this purpose is necessary. For example, it is possible to invite friends and to stage a contest on the most beautiful paper ship, and after to go to let them on pools. Or just to stay at home and look whining the melodrama, you will have a good cry for the month ahead, and no bad mood or a depression will force you to cry, there will be just nothing. And for fans of a rain, that is, such as I, cloudy weather for pleasure! Personally I adore walking on pools!

3. By the way, fall, this such season when you can make that you did not manage to make in the summer. At the beginning of September it is possible to go to the sea, and in the middle - to skate on roller-skaters and the bicycle, to thereby support itself in shape, to gather mushrooms and to enjoy the last warm days. And when there will come school autumn vacation, take couple of days off and feel - the child. In it, you will be helped by your child! He knows that how wonderfully well to have fun. I suggest you to descend in circus, the amusement park, in Theatre for Young Audience, in a zoo or in the museum. And the child will spend time with advantage, and you will have a rest from adult lives.

4. Well, if above and above the listed councils do not help, that is one certain way to get rid of a depression! I think, girls already guessed that I mean, well, of course - shopping! Do some shopping which and attracts bright show-windows and new collections, buy a couple of things and you will see that it will become much easier for you. Plus to everything it is possible to change also the image, that is to make a new fashionable hairstyle. And being absolutely other person, you will be ready to new opening.

5. The last and most important, do not forget about health! Eat more fruit and vegetables, in particular vitamin C. This vitamin will help you to fight fatigue and to resist infections. And as Suvorov spoke: You Keep legs in the warm ! Then nothing to you will already prevent to derive pleasure from life!

I Hope that you will listen to councils, and the good mood will not leave more you !!!