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How to cease to worry and worry? Often people endure

in some occasion and when it becomes clear that everything is normal, begin to worry about something another. It is very bad habit because nervous tension quickly wears out an organism, reduces its immunity and conduct to various diseases.

One person suffered from a face skin disease. At it all face was covered with spots, and no doctors could relieve it of it. This person constantly was in a nervous tension in connection with specifics of the work. When he threw it, he recovered.

should Never be worried. If you think that only monsters, robots and any bad people so can, then you are mistaken. Experience and compassion are different things. Experiences are manifestations of fear, and compassion - manifestation of love. Compassions do not wear out an organism and do not conduct to diseases.

In the Bible is told: “Because God of spirit not of timidity, but force, both love, and chastity gave us“. Timidity or experiences is from a devil and it is necessary to get rid of it.

of People has to arrive according to truth in any situation. Only it gives a basis of confidence that in return he made everything correctly, with good intentions. Then the person anyway will be the winner. To have kind conscience - it is quite enough to get rid of experiences. Therefore it is much easier for Christians, than the non-believer to cease to worry. They know the principles by which it is worth living and living happily.

But irrespective of, the person knows or does not know, the principles all the same work. Ignorance of the law does not relieve of responsibility. To live with a clear conscience is not heavy work as many people think, and the real happiness! It is pleasure which overflows the person. And it is the real and full-fledged life.

As it is possible to live, deceiving, stealing, gossiping, talking scandal, envying and at the same time not to worry and not to worry? Yes in any way. It is impossible. The sin occurs when the person allows a devil in the life, and the devil always with himself brings fear and vanity. It is possible to try to justify the sins - but it will only even more confuse and will alienate the person from understanding of need to ask for them forgiveness.

to Clear the heart of any evil spirits - the only way to tranquility, happiness and love. It is necessary to want to get rid of the evil, then life will become brighter and more interesting.

Than more people clears the heart, especially quiet and balanced it becomes. But to clear it, it is necessary to ask to enter God it. To become good luck a single whole. Then the person begins to understand for what he lives and as it is necessary to treat life. Disorders and experiences give way to tranquility and confidence.

Disorders and experiences are nonsenses which bear in themselves harm for the person. To get rid of them - means to change the relation to life and, as a result - the life. It is only a right choice.