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Why even during crisis it is impossible to give in to pessimism?

I Go, in a steel thread having collected the nerves,

on the subsoil made white-hot

( Amigos " group; City 312 )

Crisis. Crisis! Crisis!!

In finance, construction tourism, trade In stock market in general a collapse. Well, the market in one day almost dropped by 20%, and nobody was even surprised.

Money which was counted in billions until recently and even in trillions, suddenly suddenly came to an end. And here banks begin to check more strictly solvency of clients and to raise interest rates, even on already issued credits. Someone on 10 and who is more impudent - more percent added. Yes, do not swear, please, and attentively read the credit agreement, there in point number such - that is a line in case of crisis circumstances the rate on the credit grows by so many percent - so will answer you in a stake - the center practically of any large bank. Why? - also the become puzzled inhabitant wonders others. But because money came to an end. Cheap.

taken in the western companies under 3 - 5% per annum there are no cheap credits and construction, production and even trade is phased down. At the commercial enterprises of reduction expect practically all categories of workers. In the budgetary sphere began to detain a salary again. Simple citizens with persistence, worthy the best application, clean cash from ATMs also withdraw money from bank deposits. And suddenly banks will begin " already tomorrow; to burst And no admonitions state and men of science from the optimism TV to the simple people add: To See, it looks crooked, time administration calms .

It seems, everything falls to pieces. Even on boundary posts, probably, announcements will appear soon: Citizens violators! Due to the shortage of money for cartridges, precautionary shots will not be made up! Thanks in advance for understanding . I joke. Though, the devil only knows

A if to read today`s press The Structure of everything, all markets cardinally changes. And people and the companies which lag behind changes in the market - the dead. And fixing of the fact of death only matter of time . Alexander Rozhen. Well, simply there is a wish to take a sheet and to go to take the place on a cemetery

For some reason at the time of crises people especially devoutly begin to trust pessimistic forecasts, forgetting that crises (and, maybe, stronger today`s) were even in recent world history more than once. And even not two! And somehow everything managed. Life placed everything in the places.

It is necessary only, having clenched teeth, to wait this hysteria. Tell, during the Great depression in America many, even the rich and very rich people, having suffered huge losses, committed suicide. And those which, having clenched teeth, continued to turn somehow got out . It is impossible to give in to panic moods at all! Fear, panic - always bad advisers.

And composure, optimism and exact calculation - good. Warren Buffett, for example, even continues to earn billions from today`s crisis, indifferently. To the one who is able to include the brains and to look for new opportunities in any changes, no crises are terrible.

We will remember council of the baron Rothschild:

Sell when all buy. Buy

when all sell .

Now this time. When all sell. In panic, just looking at others. Time not of simply big, but great and greatest opportunities!

If you wish to succeed, you have to look for new ways, but not go on the trampled roads of the achieved success .

(John D. Rockefeller)

Should strain only the brain crinkles and to think how to use the presents, and, above all future changes (caused by this world financial crisis) to itself on advantage. And it is imperceptible for others to create the vital success when around only the disappointment and despondency reigns.

Psychologists claim that in any text read by the person is best of all remembered the first and last phrases. Therefore I will put the strongest statement in a subject in the end.

The Pessimist sees difficulties at each opportunity,

the optimist in each difficulty sees opportunities .

(Winston Churchill)