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Than to carry away the child, so far you are busy?

Are valid, than? Here I sit in front of the computer and I model the next article. Thoughts - mountains, offers develop one behind another. And here to the room mine flies chadushko: Mother, watch what I do!!! . Falls on a back, puts to itself on a stomach the machine and shouts: Ran over Me - rescue! . I begin to rescue actively - I remove the machine, I iron a tummy and I say that everything is already good, the machine bad and I retell as it is correct to cross the road. On the third offer my started missing miracle runs away.

Here it is freedom! So about what I wrote there? I re-read article and I only start over again to click on keys as my baby flies with a new variation of accident: Mother, the machine ran over a bear! Went to rescue . I take the sonny by hand and I go to rescue bear. Article is waiting in the wings, and thoughts quietly departure from the head

the Familiar situation? And it concerns not only those who work at home, but also those who, coming from work home, want to have a rest, wash, prepare (choose that is closer) and at the same time to pay attention to the children. Very difficult situation, it is necessary to choose - either the child, or what you were going to do.

It is possible to occupy the child with anything. Better, of course, nurse. Or so far you are busy by the closest relative who is ready to sit with your child. But What will it come to an end in? Most likely, your child will become attached to temporary to the nurse will also begin to share with it the problems. And when you want to play with it, can hear the same that I heard once: Mother, go to work, the money is necessary to us. And where woman? (the aunt, the uncle, lyalya - choose the option) .

Many articles and forums of the Internet are advised to buy to children various developing toys. Like, let the miracle sits, and plays. Someone tried? Then you will understand me: Mother, watch how I can! Mother, is impossible to me! Mother, and it that? and so forth. You should sit and explain: at first - what the toy is, then - as to play it. As a result after an hour of explanations your miracle will be taken by plasticine and will begin to stick in it counters from a board game, it will turn out that it is very interesting to scissor puzzles, and from a puzzle with threads the excellent cable for machines turns out. In total. Hour of explanations passed for nothing. However, there is one plus - you have half an hour of free time while your child breaks completely the developing toy.

And here I rejoice, literally I exult, eulogizing own mind and an ingenuity! Also I want to share the victory with you. I found panacea from all problems with employment of my child. And, as it appeared, all ingenious - is really simple! Paper, felt-tip pens and scissors. And - to allow the child to do the most important with them anything. Naturally, he has to be 3 - 5 years old and he has to be able to use scissors.

And so, we take the beautiful catalog - from all, probably, there will be a catalog of some goods on glossy paper and with beautiful advertizing. We take scissors, and we give all this to the child. At the same time it is necessary to explain that it is possible to cut out all and to draw beards and moustaches on faces of models (yes they will forgive me) just surely. In total - at least an hour of free time is provided to you. Everything that from you is required now - it is to come off for a minute when the miracle arrives to brag to you of result, to look with an absent look at its creation, to give smacking kiss in a cheek and to clean a creative masterpiece of your baby in a bedside table for memory. I warn at once - better to allocate the big shelf because will not allow to throw out something from creations to you simply.

Drawing on wall-paper will become the following stage of creativity of your miracle. Therefore you should explain to the child at once that on a wall it is inconvenient to draw, and here on a roll very much it is even interesting. You give a roll of old wall-paper (after repair all have remains as calculate amount of necessary materials) and besides - scissors and felt-tip pens. This entertainment was enough for my miracle for a week with breaks for a dream and food. Also do not forget - all in a bedside table

Now we master a coloring. And we do not paint, and we cut out on a contour. During the last three days we cut already about 15 pieces. But at my miracle when cutting on a contour in kindergarten the best result!

Here so everything sometimes happens simply. Now I stock up with notebooks and sketchbooks because my sonny somehow strange began to glance at my workbooks. But we do not interfere with each other - he cuts and draws, draws and cuts, and I write articles and I dream that mine dithat can become the great artist and a vyrezatel. And yours can?