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What to present to you, the person my dear? New Year`s gifts of

Each gift from the friend is a wish of happiness . (Richard Bach) last year began to write

on this subject: What gifts are not loved by women? What gift will be expensive to our old men? What to present for New year? Gifts - things What to present for New year to darlings? Beautifully we present! .

There passed year. Let`s continue a subject?

Yesterday mummy told me that she bought only six beautiful wine glasses. And that saw the most charming teapot at a fair. I reeled up on a mustache! Now I will not puzzle that to present to it for New year.

With the sister on Sunday were in perfumery salon. Bought any differences. And suddenly she saw the favourite lipstick. Very expensive!! Sighed and we left. Today saw same at a discount on the stock. Fast bought. And for the sister there is a gift.

Her husband adores Veller and Radzinsky. Both books - in its huge library.

The girlfriend was at me on a visit and listened to part of an audioperformance. So listened with delight that slightly was not late for a meeting. Already I bought it this disk.

Bought the aunt which is engaged on Saturdays in volleyball a new t-shirt, company. She too wanted her long ago.

I do not need to puzzle before every holiday what to buy what to present to the family and darlings. I attentively listen that they say what they dream of. Very much I do not love unnecessary gifts, they upset me. The person did not think of me, bought on the way Such nenuzhnost at me accumulated half-storerooms. Once on each birthday and on March 8 bore gifts not to me, and my position.

The first and most important governed at the choice of a gift - it has to bring joy to his owner. The person has to want it, dream of him. Long ago and long! Then the delighted look when opening your gift is guaranteed.

Separately - about gifts to children. Children love when only there is a lot of. Therefore it is important to hand to little participants of New Year`s celebrations gifts the parts wrapped in colourful packages or packed into interesting, amusing sacks. The main thing - to prolong pleasure of the kid. Remember the perception of New Year`s gifts. Put them under a fir-tree, under a pillow, in a shoe or a boot. Gathered for walk - and here one more surprise!

Try to guess children`s desires. Somehow watched transmission with Ksyushey Sobchak and her mother Lyudmila Narusova. Mother began to remember how they long with the father prepared as tremblingly hid gifts for little Ksyusha. On what right there received the beappelyatsionny answer of show - stars: I Remember, I remember this hated green rubber hedgehog. I cannot still forget. Knew that I a doll wanted! So many years passed, and the deposit remained.

Perhaps, your child does not dream of a doll long ago, and wants new skates, how at children in the yard? Talk and listen that your child will tell.

I surely put the letter from Father Frost to each gift. I prepare such letters in advance. Usually it or the forecast for the next year. Or magic ritual of execution of their most treasured desires. Or gentle declaration of love. To mother, family, darling Very intimate and very much - very personal. I know that they do not throw out them. Store as memory.

The most interesting that every year all these forecasts wonderfully come true! At all! Only I will not foretell to myself in any way At first all attentively read desired letters. Silence, as if also not a New Year`s holiday. Then all laugh and doubt But in a year begin to brag of the progress. Every year! Unless can be differently? If very much - very much to want something - it will surely be executed!

Remember a hobby and collections of those people as which you choose a gift. Why not to add one more thing to their collection? I collect figures of angels long ago. From where only they to me were flown! From the different countries and the cities. From a tree, threads, paper, porcelain, a bone and wax. And every time I remember those people who presented me these figures.

Such gifts are kept in mind. It is not the price, matter in warm-heartedness with which this gift is presented. Wise Japanese speak: If the gift was pleasant, you mean gave part of the soul .

- Advise what to buy the wife on birthday.

- But whether it is simpler to ask her?

- Well... I have no such money.