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What flowers were adored by Diego Rivera?

the Outstanding Mexican artist Diego Rivera became famous not only the pictures, but also torrid romance novels. He loved life in all its manifestations, and still - he passionately loved women in whom he had invariable success. It literally enveloped women charm which always expressed violently and emotionally. And at the same time the most inveterate flatterer would not risk to call him the handsome.

Diego liked to compare women to snow-white callas - harmonous, fragrant, breathing freshness of solar morning. It splashed out adoration of this flower on the cloths. He emphasized with enormous bouquets of white callas swarthiness of temperamental Mexicans and refined beauty of languid secular beauties. On its cloths other flowers appeared seldom, but there is always a lot of calla, women literally roll in their enormous white buds.

Diego Rivera was born on December 8, 1886 on North - the West of Mexico in the small town of Guanajuato. Since ten years began to study painting, surprising teachers with the serious relation to creativity and undoubted talent. At the beginning of the XX century, having got from Academy of Arts in Mexico City a grant, Diego went to continue education to Europe.

Europe the beginnings of the last century it was difficult to surprise with talents, but Rivera rushed into art promptly and violently, having plunged into painting as in the next romance novel. But this novel was for it exclusive as lasted all life. In Europe it comprehended not only knowledge of painting, but also art of an obvorozheniye of women. Friends, and among them were artists Picasso, Reyes, Modigliani, the writer Ehrenburg, the terrorist Savinkov, nicknamed the temperamental Mexican cannibal hinting at his ability to literally absorb women, and not thoughtless ninnies, but the secular miracles which took place in life and which created to themselves a name own talents. It and the original artist Maria Vorobyova - Stebelskaya, and the film star Maria Felix, and is a lot of others. At the same time he managed in parallel to marry not less famous women, and the glorified Mexican artist Frida Khalo even twice.

By the way, at such love to women in his creativity it is not enough frank pictures, today such call the strange word nu . One similar work under the name In Vinum veritas became property of public only in 2003 when the secular beauty Lucie Kokren represented in a picture in far youth died. Before, keeping the promise made by Lucie, the collector who bought a cloth for 1,5 million dollars showed it to nobody. My attempts to find a reproduction of this picture in the Internet success were not crowned though it is known that now it is exhibited at the museum in Miami - the Scourge.

But the main thing in the artist`s life everything is there were not women, and creativity. He managed to work in various styles, in youth even plaid about cubism. At the beginning of 20 - x years of last century joined in a state program on ornament frescos of public buildings in Mexico, having created own style of monumental painting. During this period he entered the Communist Party, considering that he the art directly addresses the people. By and large and was, in the frescos it represented national life, a hard work of simple people, fight of Mexicans for independence.

As the artist - the communist him in 1927 was invited to arrive to the Soviet Union. But also here Rivera appeared in the center of large scandal, having supported the Union of the former icon painters and having even signed the manifesto of one of groups of artists - Trotskyists. It is natural that the power tried to send quicker inconvenient the artist from the country. At the end of 1955 the artist arrived to the USSR again, this time its visit took place without excesses.

By the beginning 30 - x years the artist already had the international recognition, and soon he was invited in the USA to paint public buildings. In 1931 in a nu - the York Museum of Modern Art its large personal exhibition took place. At Americans the landscapes, portraits and pictures devoted to life of Indians enjoyed special popularity. From now on Rivera`s exhibitions began to take place often, steadily causing a great interest of public. So it developed that a significant amount of works of the artist - the communist appeared in the museums and private collections in the USA. Rich fans of painting were interested in ideological preferences of Rivera a little, they saw in him only the talented painter.

Efficiency of the artist was amazing. It on everything found time - both on creativity, and for public work, and on pedagogical activity. Rivera seriously was engaged in training of national artists, being the dean of the Mexican school of painting. They say that concerning students he behaved quite decently.

The artist Diego Rivera died on November 25, 1957 in Mexico City. The creative heritage of the outstanding master is enormous, these are the picturesque cloths, drawings and large-scale frescos decorating buildings in several countries. Interest in his creativity does not die away, in the museums before his pictures always populously. Among other works of the painter invariable interest of the audience is caused by cloths with unnaturally big snow-white callas which were always so adored by the artist.