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How to spend a children`s holiday? Fun without feast of

When by Emele it was executed twelve...
Quite often, preparing for a children`s holiday, parents pay to food too much attention, but seldom who reflects that table layout can become a reason for cheerful draw. It is unlikely children will estimate abundance of a food, and here witty jokes will be remembered for a long time.

we Will advise also parents to reduce as much as possible time sitting at a table and to take a fun with children outdoor games.
Miracles begin

with a threshold

We did not manage to come into the apartment as mother of the birthday man gave us brilliant hats and magic wands. And then miracles fell down in abundance

(Secrets for parents)

If guests (small or big - does not matter) come to a celebration, it is necessary to make a holiday and for them. Prepare for

hats, masks, magic wands, points with the pasted moustaches, noses, etc. of

Puzzle guests with a request to write the desire and to lower ticket in a special box. A little later, when all guests will gather at the holiday table, the birthday man will be serially to pull out desires designating at the same time dates of their execution.

Magic tablecloth

The aunt Marina got a magic tablecloth from the cylinder and spread it on a table. The cloth shone stars on one of which we read:

In a vershinka of each cone the surprise " hides;

Turned out that small candies disappeared in hats which were at us on the heads
(Secrets for parents)

On stars can also be written to

, where to find cake with candles as to collect bananas where konfetnitsa are hidden. The essence of a plan is in that children found for entertainments and placed them on a table at discretion. When everything is ready

, it is possible to show focus - a joke. Someone from guests gives to the hero of the occasion a bouquet of flowers. The birthday man walks up and down with a bouquet, fanning. Suddenly over flowers three multi-colored butterflies who obediently fall then by flowers begin to be turned.

of Butterflies needs to be made of a color tissue paper and then to attach everyone a thin kapron thread to a small stick which is inserted into a bouquet. The ends of threads are connected in one knot by a small small weight from plasticine which serves as a counterbalance. This confidential adaptation needs or to be put imperceptibly in the presented bouquet, or in advance to agree with the one who will give a gift.

the Secret of focus is simple: the air streams created by a fan force butterflies to rise over flowers. Do not forget to put a bouquet on a table and to expose focus.

at the very beginning of a holiday will be cheerful if to show to children how to make a fantastic entertainment. Take the word from children that in a preparation time they will be silent Alternately with magic spells warm up milk, having poured in it in a little juice of a lemon. Observe: milk at once turned big flakes, and over it serum was formed. Merge the received weight through several layers of a gauze. After 2 - 3 hours (for now it is possible to run about!) at you fine cottage cheese will turn out - only you do not tell it to children. Water fantastic entertainment syrup also put on a table. Tell that such foods with pleasure were eaten by princes and princesses.

What to put on a table?

(Secrets for parents)

Apples - bananas - oranges; dates - nuts - raisin; candies - fruit jelly - chocolate; pies - pastries - cakes And it is possible to make exclusively fruit menu. And it is tasty, and it is useful, and it is bright.

the Little advice on an arrangement of viands on a table. Be not afraid to replace habitual laying, be not afraid of a mnogoyarusnost, experiment more. For example, it is possible to construct of cubes of cheese Egyptian pyramids and to turn mango into a hedgehog whose needles - small candles for cake. Or absolutely to break a stereotype and to arrange a dinner on a carpet as in east countries, but then you should show the Indian fakirsky focus: to pierce a finger a safety pin. Its execution will require two pins, one of them needs to be prepared specially: strong - firmly to paste the sharp end to a head, on one party to remove with nippers a piece about 12 mm long (thickness of your finger minus one - two millimeters). During focus take both pins, show to the audience the first, I kiss, and turn away, allegedly to relieve public of suffering to see how you pierce a finger (better if about it someone from the audience asks). Put on the second pin a finger and show a finger to public. And then open a trick secret - it will be so more amusing.

Candles and riddles

... Each my Birthday we with mother cook small cake or pie into which we insert then candles. Where we were, every year I always blow out more and more candles

(Secrets for parents)

This old good tradition really remained at us in a family. It is better to bake pie - important that children participated in preparation too.

A here still ridiculous mathematical a problem (N. B. Istomina) which guests can set:

When Emele was twelve years old, he celebrated the third birthday. How many there will be Emele years when he celebrates the birthday for the fourth time?

(For inscrutable: Emel was born on February 29 therefore he celebrates birthday time in 4 years. It will celebrate the fourth birthday in 16 years).

Bustle - the most important

... Our father - the big inventor. He suggested to make it from sofa padded stools a labyrinth where the mad animal grabbing children legs is found. As this monster, having risen on all fours, the father acted, unexpectedly being shown from darkness labyrinth and snatching on us. How many was delight from such, apparently, primitive game!.

(Secrets for parents)

It because the adult uncle had fun on an equal basis with children, and he could sit at a table, without paying attention to childish entertainments. Important not only to think up game, but also to participate in it, to rise on all fours.

Focuses and tricks

... Angry wizards (the birthday man`s parents) imprisoned the poor princess in unapproachable fortress and already thought up it awful execution. But the princess was the fairy and when villains ordered her a scarf which was tied around her neck, to cut to herself a throat, it executed their command. But the head remained on the place!. (Secrets for parents)

Execution of this focus is simple

: obligatory part of clothes princesses - a jacket with a high collar. The silk scarf or easy scarf has to be very accurately filled for a collar in front back (try to take it for the ends now and to pull forward that it was visible as if you cut with it a neck), and the free ends (do not cross them behind!!!) are lowered on a breast and are slightly tied. It is necessary only to be trained that the audience did not notice a dirty trick.

follows the description of one more unpretentious trick Below - jokes of Amayak Akopyan who it is possible to do at the holiday table.

the Conjurer notices a small thread on the jacket and tries to shake it, but it is not possible to make it, and it begins to extend it carefully. However how many it pulled - this thread does not have the end and is not present. Just in a pocket it hid the coil which end is passed on outer side of a jacket...

Have well fun? And everything - is a pity for Emelya - it celebrates the birthday of all of times in four years!.