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Female aggression, PMS and critical days. What to do to men and women? Part 2

How to avoid behavioural changes during PMS and critical days? Or at least to soften this state because not only people around suffer from it, but also the woman - she tests not only physical, but also emotionally - psychological discomfort. The most important to realize: if you the woman, and your differences of mood - not just apathy and manifestations of irritability, but happens also open aggression, it is necessary to make tests on hormones and to pass the correcting treatment.

If before it did not happen to you, but you feel that you began to behave not as usually, during the premenstrual period and during periods (also it concerns a state after the delivery and the climacteric period), then, following recipes below, it is possible to rescue men (and to escape to men) from the next deserved or undeserved scolding. Men most often suffer from women during the periods of hormonal changes.

Not all councils are applicable during both periods (PMS and critical days) therefore we will divide them on these periods.

Whether actions during the period before approach of critical days

were Heard by you that in an organism substances which promote good mood are produced? These are enkefalina and endorphins - they facilitate carrying out a nervous impulse which gets precisely in so-called center of pleasure . Excitement of this center causes feeling of ease and cheerfulness. The amount of endorphins increases after intensive physical activities. It is proved that 30 - minute sports increase quantity happiness hormone by 5 times, and this quantity reverts to the original state in 1,5 hours after the end of occupations. During a menstrual cycle no physical activities are recommended though professional sportswomen just reduce the level of their intensity.

During critical days (periods) to

Needs good rest and administration of drugs, containing vitamins and minerals. Chocolate, is better bitter (will lighten mood), vitamin tea, in particular from a dogrose (will load with good energy). Eventually, a glass of wine or champagne (some are afraid to become after that an alcoholic - after 1 time a month you will not become!) .

Councils for both periods (emergence of symptoms of PMS and in critical days)

1. during this period has to be present At food:

have enough proteins, a vegetable and animal origin, chicken meat and almonds are better - they are assistants in increase in a breast and disposal of striya (extensions);

phytogenesis fats;

it is as much as possible vegetables, fruit, juice (especially carrot and lemon);

limited amount of salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

2. Replace usual salt with salt with the lowered content of sodium - it contains magnesium which facilitates a current of a menstrual cycle.

3. If aggression or an adynamy are very strongly expressed, drink homeopathic medicines. In homeopathy there are not less than seventy structures which apply at treatment of gynecologic pathologies, and if you not the lover of synthetic medicines, then it is better to go for reception to the homeopathist.

4. (Council only for men .) Often during these periods a man`s half of mankind tries to avoid women that, on the contrary, even more irritates women. It is a big mistake. Try to make not as you arrived earlier, and at once you will see positive result which will shortly be reflected in your family relations. At least once in a month you bring it a breakfast in bed. If it always on a diet - rice small loafs, fruit and green tea and if on a tray put also the rosette bought the day before, then you get 100 more additional points. If she does not suffer from diets, present her the breakfast abounding with yogurts, fruit, sour cream, cookings and croissants - believe, it influences much better, than a bouquet of flowers! It is your work, men! And not heavy - will take only 5 minutes. Make by it massage or present a masseur (a massage tray for legs).

5. And the last. Women, what you most of all love? Arrange yourself a small holiday. Eat it! Buy it! Leave children alone, they will not starve to death - an instinct of self-preservation stronger... Fall in love with yourself - and you, and people around from it will only become happier! Do not hesitate of yourself and the feelings - years go, and the soul remains same, only becomes more constraining. So do not allow it to drive you into a corner! Men, help women, be tender!