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I want to make it, but it is impossible... How to be?

As that time, corresponding with one friend to me became curious why he wants to leave off smoking but cannot make it. At it it is impossible to begin and if begins, then all the same is given and again smokes as before.

Perhaps the matter would also not cause a particular interest in me if not one but!

I easily managed to get rid of the use of alcoholic drinks and without special work I play sports now, and my schedule of occupations not to everyone will seem to lungs. Though I never also smoked, but I know that it is also easy to give up this business, as well as to be accepted for any other.

Only question how? .

My many acquaintances constantly admire my persistence and at the same time they consider that I am the person possessing huge will power. But actually the reason consists in another. In my opinion, people who say that they have no sufficient will power simply are repaid before the failures and unwillingness something to do. Perhaps all these people also have a desire something to change, but it is not always enough to begin to work.

In these cases it is necessary to look for the reasons - the reasons which caused in you desire something to change in the life. The reasons which will motivate you to actions. The reasons for which you want to achieve the objectives. In other words...

You have to define for yourself INCENTIVES!!!

Can be them: Your soulmate, desire to be better than others, feeling of own importance, your financial position and so on. Before beginning to change itself and the life, it is necessary to ask a question: why I want to make it? Your answers just will also be INCENTIVES for you.

I will give an example of own incentives which actually forced me to throw alcohol and to begin to play sports. Everything is very simple

!!! In - the first I wanted to become the healthy normal person, in - me bothered to watch the second at the ugly drooped body, in - the third, considering rules of personal growth (see article about personal growth), I decided to become that the personality who has to be also my soulmate. And now in my life such girl appeared, kotoruya I also wanted. Now it is one more incentive for me for the sake of which I am ready to change the life further.

I understood that at my friend not enough powerful reasons to leave off smoking, that is he not absolutely understands for the sake of what he wants to make it. And if the person does not understand and does not find the powerful reasons for the actions, then soon he simply gives up business.

Usually powerful reasons appear at the person when it, as they say, secures. If the smoker is told that he has a lung cancer, then he will at once leave off smoking because it really had a powerful reason. Or the person will start the body to the fact that it will begin the diseases caused by obesity, and only from - for it it is necessary to play sports, besides because the powerful reason appeared.

REMEMBER the MAIN THING: always find the reasons for which you want to make something and then you will make it!