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Whether much we can tell darlings? I am an old soldier and I do not know words of love...

Atas, Atas! - I shout (it is not a hail from the dictionary of a thieves` cant, and a kotovya a name). - Atasinka, the boy, well we will go we will have a bite, than God sent .

So each arrival on the dacha when I see the cat limping, halfblind, going for a cat and making draft guttural sounds begins. Well how here not to remember ingenious Dzhigarkhanyan and Kazakov from Hello, I am your aunt! But the tomcat ours something tries important to tell this cat who is apple of discord between all cat`s a muzheska to a floor in the district. It is good Is not present

, I quite understand heroes of the movie. And love here with interest and why to old soldiers to know some ridiculous words. One difficulty with them. Even at writers.

- Listen, finished the story, like nothing, only with the love line a problem. Well I cannot absolutely - somehow the friend, really talented and peculiar called long ago. I can only tell one: And it seized it .

- And all love? - I am surprised. - It is advisable to develop a subject as - nibud it is simple...

is farther already itself I am rumpled. Conversation by itself comes to naught.

Neighbors in an unforgettable Petersburg communal flat, darting crazy glances, on one filter into a corridor.

- As to tell it? - efficiently I try to find out.

- Well I cannot! - still the young beginning prose writer groans then.

Still cannot. But manages - its genre allows.

And that is why we manage? The genre of life assumes certain feelings which we with different intensity have during all our difficult life. But we cannot tell, whether we do not know any more, whether we do not remember, whether we are afraid. And from the TV - My hare, I am your hare! . A continuous dzhaga - a dzhaga.

- Well to do with it! - the neigbour complains. - Two months I ask, I ask: The Serega, well beat you a chertova to a regiment in a toilet, properly! .

- And you try: The loved our spouse! Whether deign to award our house with the highest attention - and so on...

The Serega from amazement even did not begin to have supper. The shelf does not fall any more.

And what caressing words we exchange? The same hares, zaink, zaychishka greyish, it is good - not rabbits. And you try even in this system of coordinates something to make, for example, to detail...

What small fish? Kistepery? Which one million years? To me too one million years, let will be kistepery. But never you will forget me any more. For ever.

Ah, birdie? And what? Paradise hoopoe? No. I am a silly fellow, the trustful polar silly fellow. Quite another matter.

As it is good - that. I - a stem - a blade of grass? And what look? Sugar cane? Oh, as it is possible to make of it " much;

Today I who? Who - who? What horror...

If your beloved or, unexpectedly, the husband strongly strains brains, trying to detail the to you the address, - this heavy work will definitely not be in vain. And if still and to help it? Work pulls together - is proved.

And how you address? Estimate, think. Russian is so rich that even it is necessary to think out nothing. We find a huge number of the most various words to offend....

And it is possible to tell about the love and a collar - topsy-turvy .

Among the worlds, in a blink of stars,

of One star I repeat a name.

Not therefore that I loved it,

But because to me it is dark with others.

And if to me on heart it is heavy, at it one I look for

Ya the answer,

Not because from it light-, But because with it light is not necessary to


(I. Annensky).