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Grandmothers are old women: whether a lot of sex is necessary to them?

Someone told that all age are obedient to love and to sex and even less so. However, sex is love, only carnal too. Who told that in old age sex, caress is not necessary? Actually, sex at advanced age is very necessary, and elderly people without it cannot fully live. Let elderly be not so mobile and flexible, let their body be not so beautiful as at young people, but on temperament they do not concede to them at all, and at times even can to outdo . Besides they have a rich sexual baggage which is saved up for all life.

Sex always well influences our health, and for elderly it is salutariest as it intensifies all important functions of an organism, lightens mood. When how not in old age to learn all charm of sex? There is a lot of free time, it is not necessary to hurry anywhere, love in the pleasure, open for yourself what did not manage to open in youth and a maturity

a sex Subject at advanced age becomes very fashionable at researchers of all colors: sexologists, gerontologists, psychologists, sociologists. Last year in New - York sociological survey with participation more than 165000 respondents was conducted. By its results it is established that many women who are more than 55 years old still show strong interest in sex.

About 15% of women who are more than 70 years old, and 53% to which in 55 years, reported that sex remains important part of their life. Many elderly women show interest in sex because they or have no partner, or it does not cause sexual desire. However some respondents rather quietly live also without sex: they are not interested in sex, but, nevertheless, many or look for the partner, or already found and nobody is necessary to them any more.

In separate private conversations with interviewers several women reported that they met partners after 50 or 60 years and enjoy sexual life. And one lady to whom more than 70, told that new partner revived her interest in sex. Other interrogated told that if her husband was engaged in treatment of the sexual sphere, she would like to conduct more active sexual life.

Sexual relationship not necessarily means only copulation, and many elderly people consider them as very important part of their intimate life: Perhaps, sex happens not so often as at 20 - summer, but it all the same remains very important - many respondents claim.

Researchers came to a conclusion that those women who are more than 70 years old have to sex more interest, than those whose age is between 55 and 69 years. Most likely, it is connected with the fact that younger Americans are constantly busy with cares of a family and thoughts of payment of the credits whereas elderly already resolved the majority of household problems and are ready to plunge into the world of sex anew.

You ask: Well, and how climax, falling of level of sex hormones, rheumatism yes radiculitis? Really the American old women not of the same kidney are stuck together and in old age are healthy how horses, and no diseases prevent to indulge in them to love joys?

Of course, Americans have other living conditions and other attitude towards the health. And in due time each of actively trying to look younger ladies should endure age changes of an organism. Naturally, various diseases lead to the fact that interest in sex begins to vanish. However, if the woman continues to watch herself, appreciates herself as the personality, tries to be interesting spiritually and attractive physically, fights for full-fledged life, then and in 70, and even in 80 years it can quite keep sexual activity. And this age - at all not border of opportunities for women. They can remain sexually active in general for the rest of the natural - though till 90 years.

It is necessary to notice that the elderly person (whether it be the lady or mister) feeling in himself sexual potential as appropriate signals about it to people around: he attaches great value to the health, physical activity, seeks to look, be young and attractively well dressed. And the most important - he is kindly ready in relation to people because who will want to go in the relation with the grumbler?

Well and, you understand, such elderly person - whether it be the lady or the gentleman - very pleasantly looks in any environment, forcing to admire people around such blossoming the second or third youth or in plain terms speaking - a beautiful old age. Looking at such old women and old men, necessarily you be touched and you think: Here and I at such age will surely look not worse, it will try to be pleasant to people around, and then the boring, colourless old age does not threaten me how many I will live!.

Generally as Boris Rokhlenko was expressed once: Let`s live to 150! And from myself I will add: Better with sex, than without it!