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How to choose driving school? My errors of

that day when my love to comfortable movement overcame natural laziness Came, and I went to study to driving school to acquire the rights. At the choice of driving school was guided, first of all, by the price. The price was chosen average. So that both it is not cheap, and is not expensive. The choice fell on the driving school which is located in regional GAI.

Occupation the first

I went For occupation with big enthusiasm. Still, quite fairly I consider myself as the person in respect of driving and traffic regulations educated. More than once itself drove and natural inquisitiveness directed to a way of studying of road signs and rules for a long time.

As occupations began in six, and the working day at me only came to an end at this time, it is absolutely natural that I was late. I did not manage to come into a class from the first attempt. The matter is that I should have appeared on a threshold of a class and to try to enter as the teacher rose from the familiar spot, developed me by hundred eighty degrees and sent for a door which safely before my nose closed.

I am a person not of shy ten therefore the first failure did not confuse me. Even in spite of the fact that exposed me, without having explained anything. I decided to be more persistent and knocked at the door until it was not opened, and demanded explanations. Also explained to me that on last occupation of all warned - late not to let. It was necessary to explain to me that I was not present at last occupation and when signed the contract with driving school, about anything similar it was not warned. I was let in.

If to speak about the occupation, then it was awfully boring owing to the fact that passable I already knew all. And the old man explained - the teacher, generally muttering something to himself under a nose, did not allow to ask questions, explaining it with the fact that we the questions run forward.

Occupation the second

Is strong

it did not differ from the first. Same boring and unclear. I sat at the last table. The teacher it was not heard in general. However, in protection it it will be told that he drew on a scheme board, but he drew them, apparently, for himself. Since closed drawings the back, and then erased, it turned out, we did not see his creativity.

Not to remain the full silly woman after similar occupations, I to myself decided to acquire the program of training and examination in electronic form. Installed to herself on the computer and began to study. Naturally, did not keep and switched the program to the examination mode. At random serially chose three tickets and did not believe herself when handed over all three. Having convinced in such a way that even with that teacher I will gain knowledge, quietly went to bed.

Occupation the third

Is class I skipped. Unfortunately, I somewhere caught a virus of a catarrhal disease and with high temperature rested in bed at home.

Occupation the fourth

It became truly opening for me. On the third occupation the teacher conducted survey on the passable material and found out that I was absent that, actually, and stated to me on the fourth occupation. It turned out also that he gives marks for polls and me as who is absent, put two. On my statement that I can answer it any questions, he declared that he does not need my answers, as so knows that I know nothing, and in principle, did not even doubt it.

Also it notified all attendees that in the presence more than two truancies in a month it will deduct engaged. And will return the money which is already paid for training nobody. Say, are guilty. Such statement of a question very much surprised me because I authentically know that it is possible to deduct the pupil or not to allow before passing an examination only in case he did not pass internal examinations in driving school twice. But in any way not because of nonattendance of occupations.

Occupation the fifth

I went For this occupation with big doubt concerning continuation of my study in this driving school. And my fears were confirmed. In general, occupations lasted two hours, he told something within one hour. The second was taken away for independent occupations which and houses can be carried out. But an essence not in it. The girl from the suburb which in eight twenty needed to be at station, owing to the fact that the last electric train goes to its party at this time studied with me in group. The benefit the driving school was nearby.

However closer to the end of occupations our future instructor came to us to a class, and began to tell that he there ahead expects us. Told though it is interesting, but long therefore this girl apologized and asked for permission to leave a class. However by it forbade to make it. She tried again, already explaining the reason of her desire to leave a class especially as time of occupations ended. On what ours lassie - the teacher declared that he does not concern him where which of us needs to go that to it to spit on how she will arrive home, very important person came and all are obliged to listen to the end of it.

Eventually, even not it led me to thought that the driving school needs to be changed, and the fact that driving at them is possible only on weekdays till four o`clock. My working soul could not take out it, and I wrote the application that in connection with departure I stop occupations and I demand return of the sum. All, naturally, did not return to me, subtracted the cost of four classes which I attended also one who I passed. the Conclusion

Now I study

in other driving school in which occupations, by the way, much cheaper, than in former. And the teacher - with a normal voice which it is perfectly heard. With a huge stock of interesting stories from life and drawing schemes which then shows. And driving is necessary to us not only on weekdays, but also on days off, besides there is an opportunity to independently choose convenient time.

For myself I drew very important conclusion that you should not be guided only by study cost. It is necessary without hesitating to ask on all details of future occupations and it is obligatory to meet future teacher and the driving instructor. Good luck to you.