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What is a tsvetoterapiya?

Someone can perceive life as a train black and white, for someone it is painted in gray tones and half tones. Seldom happens that the person tries to perceive it in multi-colored option. And color is an integral part of our life. Even the color-blind person sees colors, let and confuses them a little. And even the blind person, I`m sorry, if of course, he grew blind not from the birth, remembers colors and its mood depends on color too.

Attacks sometimes, for example, the depression, and helps nothing. The person begins to be closed from the world, to be wrapped up from legs to the head in black plunges into a condition of a depression more and more deeply. And it would be worth putting on orange, for couple of days to surround itself this color as everything would rise into place. Color is used for treatment of nervous breakdowns for a long time. This type of treatment " is called; tsvetoterapiya and if on scientific, then chromotherapy .

What is a tsvetoterapiya? Tsvetoterapiya`s

is a most ancient science. In ancient Rome such way of a tsvetoterapiya as water saturation was used in the color. In a vessel with water put precious and semiprecious stones of a certain color. And then registered this water to drink. For different illnesses used different jewels. For example, treated for cold turquoise.

In the modern world the tsvetoterapiya is one of sections of psychotherapy. Methods of color influence - great variety. It can be also meditation for the color when the person watches long time at a certain scale. The effect of a tsvetomeditation could feel any who long looked on oranzhevo - a yellow flame of a fire.

Tsvetoterapiya can be carried out in the form of a tsvetorelaksation. This influence is made by means of suggestion of the psychotherapist. The person is immersed in an easy trance and recreate the color atmosphere in which to the patient it is comfortable.

Tsvetoterapiya can be used and separately, and in combination with a muzykoterapiya. Not without reason there are special movies for an exit from a depression.

It is possible to apply a tsvetoterapiya not only from giving and the help of experts, but also independently. For this purpose it is only necessary to know what color what action on the person possesses.

Each hunter wishes to know where the pheasant sits!

Red - color of action. It stimulates both a subcortex of a brain, and directly cells of a cerebral cortex. Impact on a subcortex happens in the form of increase of pressure, temperature, physical activity and activity sexual. As for impact on cells of a cerebral cortex, red motivates to act. No matter, there will be it working activity or just hypererethism.

Psychotherapists do not recommend to use red color throughout long time. It is fraught with side effects, such as overfatigue and fatigue.

Orange - mix red and white. I.e. its impact on the person is similar to influence red, only in softer look. It is characteristic the fact that increases mood, stimulates working activity and tires not so strongly as red. Psychologists unanimously recommend to use it for registration of nurseries. Or, for example, a corner where the child will be engaged in vigorous cognitive activity.

Yellow - color of the sun. Magnificent color for prevention of depressions. If, for example, orange promotes an exit from a depression, then yellow prevents its development. In the fall, in the winter and in the early spring yellow color to us is vital. It can be used in the form of bright spots in an interior or accessories in clothes.

Yellow traditionally it is considered color of adventurers and people, light on the feet. It awakens thirst of knowledge. Stimulates aspiration to learn, study, learn something new. Induces to go, go, go to travel somewhere.

Green - treats cold scale, but is the softest of flowers of this palette. It calms, but almost does not slow down vital processes of an organism. However, there is at green one important shortcoming or advantage. Watching it from what party to look. Green directly influences the brain site which is responsible for appetite. To put it briefly, it raises it. Therefore if the kitchen at the hostess is completely registered in green tones, then will eat much there.

Blue - an antipode red. It almost completely brakes any activity. Lowers pressure, temperature. Reduces working activity. Has the lulling effect.

Blue color is good for registration of a bedroom and a berth. However, there is one BUT. If for you the bed is a place of fulfillments and victories, blue color will not be suitable for it, it is better to use red.

Blue - blue with white. This color has the calming effect too, but not as strong as blue. It is considered actually blue in any color. It is often used for registration of office rooms since he helps to collect the thoughts, to concentrate and extinguishes emotions.

Violet - the most braking color from all color scale. Its long impact on the person is fraught with emergence of constant feeling of fatigue.

Gray, black, brown - depressive colors. It is impossible to apply in registration of premises, especially, at all if except these flowers there are no others. Even if you very much like these colors, try to dilute them with bright spots. Cushions or vases.

People of the senior generation for certain remember lamps with orange lamp shades. In the dark winter night they dispersed a gloom and gave feeling of heat, rest and lightened mood.

White - actually this lack of color. However at the psychological level, the requirement in white is a requirement to be protected. To hide emotions and to put among themselves and people a dividing wall. The dress of the bride of white color is not casual, in this moment of life she as nobody else needs emotional protection. Scrubs too white color. Just a profession such that constantly it is necessary to face others pain, but it is impossible to take it very much to heart. In this plan white protects.

By the way, about white. The most part of the territory of our country a big half of year is covered by snow. The poet in the winter we such closed and unemotional.