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What forces the woman to bomb? My history

Since the sexual equality became a norm, in many areas and spheres of the woman began to occupy actively the niches which are earlier allocated only for men, to develop earlier unfamiliar areas and many other things.

So, for example, if was in the nature of things that the car earlier - exclusively man`s toy, then now and women became active participants of traffic.

And that the most remarkable, despite skeptical man`s snickers concerning the woman driving, on roads in increasing frequency there are ladies who not only do not concede, but sometimes better than our many strong half manage to drive this difficult mechanism.

Having made the iron friend, the woman gets a lot of things including a freedom of movement. Now it is not obligatory for it to be pushed in public transport, it is not necessary to hurry on an electric train, and the most important, it becomes independent of its man`s half which not always moves towards entreaties to bring it there where the soul asks. Now she is free to choose itself, where to it to carry the transitory body.

My history.

Proceeding from the above-stated main reason, and I bought the car though there is no special need for it as in a family there is already one car, driving which there is a husband. In spite of the fact that since I acquired the rights, the husband allowed to drive the car, I did not feel special freedom in its use.

Since the childhood I carried by big desire to have the own car, to be driving, drive through the night city. And, at last, the dream came true, and I bought the car, having derived inexpressible pleasure from this purchase.

I do not treat those women for whom the best friends are diamonds. For me always the equipment was the best friend. And car, probably, now my best friend.

As I like to be driving, I like to drive the car and I enjoy very much from it, the thought of bombardment per se came somehow by itself. I thought of it practically at once as I bought the car, but stopped always thought that it seems not female this occupation and frightening one to put strangers presently. Though subsequently there was one more nuance which is that not all people are clean and there was no wish to soil the car.

But all - one fine day, having gone once again to sweep, I decided to combine business with pleasure, and it was really useful. First of all, for the family budget. Voting on the road, persons interested to catch the car, it appeared enough. Having left literally for a couple of hours, earned decent money.

Naturally, the woman driving stopping to pobombit caused not that bewilderment, but, at least, some surprise and at the same time interest. Generally all asked what moved on earning in such a way why the husband does not earn if money is suddenly necessary and in general - for what the woman needs to bomb.

Some initially showed certain fears that the woman driving, but, nevertheless, nobody refused a trip.

Often, having looked as I cope with an iron horse, some people instead of the stipulated sum, gave much more and were very grateful.

So, for example, one woman who went with the son and the father was so happy that she all road was scattered in dithyrambs as it is remarkable and as they were lucky that them the woman moreover and in the new car is lucky and too upon termination of left kind words and big remuneration.

Whatever were your earnings at the main work, nevertheless, this type of a side job can fill up the family budget significantly. But, probably, the new car does not cost to put in it everyone. In total - foreign people, with foreign thoughts, with other power, with the smells.

The more the car carries the people, different, the more it loses the initial smell, a smell of owners, turning not into the native machine any more - a candy which you love, care and cherish, and in something public. No, do not cost even that money which can be earned from it, considering that there is other constant, rather quite good income to put foreign people into the car.

Now there are a lot of women driving. There were special female taxi. Perhaps, is and on them the demand, meanwhile is a peculiar exotic on roads. I do not take drivers of trams, buses, trolleybuses - there women already for a long time took a certain place and quite successfully cope with the duties. I once dreamed to be tram driver. It seemed that it is romanticism and rather interesting occupation, besides bringing let not really big, but stable income.

So, dear women if you want to earn additionally, the car will help you with it. But before putting the next passenger, think whether the game is worth the candle.

Take care also the friends, even iron!