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What to do if in the apartment cry walls?

That it crying walls?

It is possible, you were interested not only a question, but also its statement. How walls can cry? - some of us will be indignant. They are not live. In the latter case you are absolutely right. And crying walls is that other as exudation of moisture on them indoors.

Where it is possible to observe crying walls? such phenomenon Is more often than

it is observed in angular apartments of multi-storey buildings of construction of the last century during the autumn and spring periods when on the street dampness and low air temperature prevails.

What reason of exudation of moisture on walls?

the Reason of exudation of moisture - in high heat conductivity of a wall. As is outside colder, and inside is warmer, at high heat conductivity occurs sweating walls and formation of condensate in the form of moisture droplets indoors. Humidity in such cases can be so high that books at times grow mouldy and the bed linen, and also everything that is in such room becomes humid.

As a rule, the reasons are covered in violation of construction norms and rules at construction of housing.

For example, could remain with builders unspent solution which was laid in the box which is laid out in a face wall. The benefit wall thickness - sixty four centimeters - allowed. And concrete - a bad heat insulator in comparison with a brick.

the Wall with the cement mortar put in it can be distinguished if it is not plastered. As a rule, it in places of burial of solution will have camber.

Are possible also other reasons. Exudation of moisture on a wall indoors anyway testifies to bad quality of a wall.

What to do? - To improve ventilation or thermal insulation.

One of ways to get rid of dampness which is marked out by a wall, - to eliminate it by intensive aeration of the room. However, as the speech in the considered article goes about premises, at intensive aeration will leave and warmly for which we pay with money and the health.

In a different way disposals of dampness which marks out crying the wall, can be its waterproofing with the subsequent thermal insulation.

How to improve wall thermal insulation?

needs to trim a wall with the heat-insulating material acquired in hardware stores. It can be polyfoam, stone cotton wool, regips and other materials. Their selection is carried out in each case: both on thermal insulation degree, and taking into account impact of materials on environment, interaction with an atmospheric precipitation, and also expenses, admissible for the house budget.

From what party of a wall (external or internal) it is better to warm a wall?

It is natural that each person does not want to reduce useful area. Insulating materials can allocate chemical evaporations. Therefore from these points of view it is better to warm a wall outside. But if the person lives highly, that is on the top floors of buildings in angular apartments, the provision of desperate and it is necessary to offer ten centimeters of living space along a wall which causes so many troubles.

What else it is necessary to provide if decided to warm a wall from within the room?

In this case needs to think of a wall waterproofing before laying of the heat-insulating materials. The easiest way of a waterproofing is a processing of the plastered wall from within the room solution of liquid glass which can be got in hardware stores. Having dried, this solution forms a waterproof film which will protect a wall from formation of a mold between a wall and a heater.

Further you trim a wall with in advance prepared heater. The final stage - cosmetic processing of the warmed wall.

During qualitatively performed works is guaranteed the dry room and safety of heat.

So, on the question raised in the title: What to do if in the apartment cry walls? the answer is obvious: It is necessary to make a waterproofing and thermal insulation of a wall . your obedient servant executed

this fifteen years ago and never regretted for the done work.

our housing has to be cozy, warm and not bring annoying minutes.