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Which of the Soviet soldiers was awarded by the medal For courage five times?

on October 17, 1938, 70 years ago, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR founded two awards for the Soviet soldiers at once - the medals For courage and For services in battle . After an award of a battle Red flag it were in fact the first medals with which it was possible to award ordinary and non-commissioned officer`s structure, and also officers of a younger link - second lieutenants and lieutenants.

Medal For courage before disintegration of the Soviet Union was the highest medal in the state, and in fact was some kind of soldier`s St George`s Cross if it is possible to correlate these two awards. And, everyone knew that it awarded only those people who showed bravery and courage in fight, but did not direct attack or defense in the deep back. In current release Chronicles of war I will tell about this award.

Everything began with Hassan

the First rewarding took place two days later - the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR these medals estimated a feat of the soldiers battling at the lake Hassan. In total 62 winners were listed, and the lieutenant Abramkin Vasily Ivanovich, the senior lieutenant Alekseev Fedor Alekseevich, the lieutenant of state security Almayev of Bari Usmanovich, and others opened it in alphabetical order

Later the same medal noted three more days a feat of Red Army men - frontier guards Nikolay Gulyaev and Boris Grigoriev. They were in night watch at the lake Hassan when on our territory the big group of saboteurs decided to break. Firefight during which brave frontier guards managed to destroy several violators was started. But also Nikolay with Boris were wounded. Having hastily tied up each other, they continued to conduct well-aimed fire. Having lost several more people, saboteurs receded

A here 8 days later after establishment of the medal For courage it was received 1322 fighter and the commander, shown courage in fights at the lake Hassan at once. Slightly less mass was rewarding after the end of the conflict on the river Halkhin - the Goal. And all for 1938 - 1939 this award was received by a little more than 10 thousand people

the Following mass rewarding happened in time sovetsko - the Finnish war, then a medal about 26 thousand people deserved. And here at an initial stage of the Great Patriotic War an honorary reward so generously were not scattered it also is clear: we receded

the Most young gentleman of government award

the Most young gentleman of the medal For courage there was a six-year-old son of a regiment Seryozha Aleshkov. He together with parents and the elder brother at approach of Hitlerites tried to break through to the, but so it turned out that during bombardment from all family only Seryozha survived. It was picked up by fighters which decided to bring the boy together with themselves. Once during the next intensive bombardment filled up with a bomb burst a blindage in which the commander of a regiment and several officers took refuge. And though bombs continued to pour on the heads, Seryozha jumped and ran to a blindage. Behind it soldiers who began to dig out the commanders who got to trouble directed. Practically all managed to be rescued including colonel, the commander of a regiment. He also recommended Aleshkov for a decoration.

Even during war Seryozha was defined in the Tula Suvorov Military School, and having ended it, it came to a military college, became the officer. Until recently lived in Chelyabinsk, maybe now there lives, to establish it not so - that simply Afanasy Shkuratov became

B 12 - summer age the son of a regiment. Fighters of 1191 - go a shooting regiment picked up it in the front wood together with the younger little sister, they wandered one. The girl was taken by kind people in one of villages, and Afonya went on reconnaissance, getting the important information about the opponent. During fights for the city of Surozh in the Vitebsk region the major A. Starikov was seriously injured. Shkuratov tied up the wounded, found a horse and transported the major at night in medical battalion where life of the officer was saved. For this feat he was awarded by the medal For courage .

And the second such medal Afonya deserved in Karelia when he together with all participated in break of the line of Mannerheim. In 1944 the corporal Shkuratov became the Suvorov Military School student of Gorky SVU, and in June, 1945 to it entrusted to participate in Victory Day parade at Red Square in Moscow. Contrary to expectations of the fellow soldiers, he chose for himself destiny of the officer - the tankman.

Four times soldier`s hero

Four medals For courage it was awarded Century. K. Yakimshin, subsequently colonel of the Soviet Army. To the first medal it was presented in August, 1943 when in the first day of stay at the front at reflection of enemy attack to the west of Vyazma lined the fascist tank. Several months later, in October, 1943, in fights to the west of Smolensk Yakimshin over open sights shot a fascist blindage for courage and helped infantry to take prisoner of the fascists who took cover there. The third medal decorated the officer`s breast for successful break of enemy defense in June, 1944 in Belarus. At last, the fourth medal it was awarded in the fall of the same year for fight at the Lithuanian town of Syntovta when its calculation destroyed an armored troop-carrier and a machine gun of the enemy.

The fivefold duet

is Even more awards For courage at the participant of Victory Day parade, the sergeant - the mortar 8 - y Stepan Mikhaylovich Zolnikov and Pavel Iosifovich Gribkov`s separate Guards shooting crew. For years of war they were was are awarded by five (!) medals For courage .

The first medal Stepan Mikhaylovich was awarded for the fight which happened on September 3, 1942 around Sinyavinsky bogs near Leningrad. Last, fifth medal For courage Zolnikov received for battle on the Kurlyandsky peninsula on the night of May 9, 1945. Now the doctor of medical sciences Zolnikov lives in Moscow, and Pavel Gribkov in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

To the enemy is not given our proud Varangian

I wants to finish the story about an award with the curious fact. In January, 1954 it was executed half a century of heroic fight of the Russian cruiser Varangian and kanonersky boat Korean with the Japanese squadron. Fifty years later 45 more participants of that tragic battle survived. All of them in acknowledgement of their heroic feat and in connection with semicentennial anniversary of this event were handed the medals For courage .