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How to achieve high-quality warranty repair? A claim and replacement of goods

So, repair is guaranteed to us free and the fast, but it is not all we have the right under the Law to. The equipment is necessary to us now and for any reason you do not want to suffer inconveniences? Then here your following step .

5. the Campaign to the Seller. But! We make secure and write a claim in duplicate. This service at lawyers costs not much, but it is possible to try and most.

In a cap we write the CEO`s full name, the name and a maximum of coordinates - the residential address, phone, number cellular (The seller will answer you in writing within 10 days). Further scary word claim and from a new paragraph you state a situation, then the word is more terrible - I demand - and your desires. And you have the right to wish the following:

replacements of goods on new or a rupture of the contract of purchase and sale (within 15 days from the date of purchase if you do not prove that the arisen defect is essential shortcoming ) ;

granting in temporary use of similar goods (it concerns durable goods, except for objects of personal hygiene, and also teapots, toasters and to that similar equipment).

At the end of a claim it is worth writing something it seems: In case of dissatisfaction of the Claim I reserve the right to appeal to court for restoration of the violated the rights and legitimate interests with the subsequent collecting from your company of expense accounts, the state duty, moral harm and other costs

You hand one copy of a claim to the managing director or the senior manager, and the second, with the signature about delivery and date, you retain.

But, most likely, the claim will remain only the weapon for intimidation of the unfair Seller, and the requirement will be met: ... the seller is obliged to submit within three-day term to the consumer for repair the durable goods possessing the same main consumer properties, having provided delivery at own expense .

The goods have to be analogous! If instead of the up-to-date washing machine offered you old Baby claim time came.

6. the Law is formulated in such a way that all and all on your party, including court. If within 10 days on a claim the motivated answer is not received, go to court. On hands at you originals of checks, the warranty card, the receipt and the signed claim. Literally all in your hands! After announcement of a judgment the shop compensates representative costs and material expenses. It is possible to declare still, of course, moral costs and the missed benefit, but the sums of compensations will hardly be big.

Thus to earn from operation of the Law on consumer protection it will not turn out, but to return the and to assert the violated legal rights and freedoms it is possible. So - we dare! We do not ask the stranger, but also we do not concede the!