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How to agree with the witch?

the Witch are a final instance for permission of various personal problems, beginning from family disorders, finishing with a difficult situation at work. Address the witch when to address there is nobody any more, all options are tried. Full hopelessness and illusive hope for the last chance of rescue - here that brings to the witch or the psychic.

But the witch is not a fairy at all from the fairy tale which will provide the maiden who sat up in brides with the carriage and a court dress. The witch is a person who learned to use certain abilities, the person able to influence on prichinno - investigative communications due to manipulations with some types of energy.

It the God fairy can be told: Dear godmother, I so want to go on a ball! - and right there mice will become horses, pumpkin - the carriage, and the zaplatanny clothes will turn into a dress - cocktail from the famous fashion designer. This is the God fairy will understand that behind desire to go on a ball there is a dream of the prince charming who will relieve of tiresome kitchen work. Only the God fairy can provide such prince with the guaranteed desire to exchange wedding rings, but not easy resort the novel - and all on the basis of the stated desire to go on a ball.

Witches are much more prosy. They will not begin to understand deep aspirations. If the Cinderella told that she wants to get on a ball to the witch, then most likely she would appear in crowd of the servants admiring dances from secluded places. At all not because the witch such harmful or could not build the carriage and a ceremonial dress. Only because witches carry out the stated desires . In it they remind a magic wand, and has to manipulate this device itself customer .

The Cinderella wishing to dance on a ball, to get acquainted with the prince charming and to marry it would have to explain to the witch: Dear witch, I need a dress, the carriage, the footman on a back and the driver on a coach box. It is necessary for me that the prince paid attention to me and wanted to marry me . Requests I Want to get on a ball! there would be insufficiently.

I will tell you as one young man addressed the witch for the solution of problems in the private life. He complained that the girlfriend strange behaves: constantly is nervous, often cries, it has problems with health, troubles at work. Generally, all set of the " series; Feel unfortunate . He even took the girl to the witch.

When asked it - that he, as a matter of fact, wants, the answer was unambiguous: I want that at it everything was good! . It was asked to think, took an interest - whether it is valid such is his desire, or he means something bigger? The witch was simply struck: the young man did not ask anything for himself - rare unselfishness! And in unselfishness it is trusted hardly in our uneasy time.

The young man rested: no, he wants only that his girl was happy that she had everything in the sheer order, and it needs nothing for itself. He repeated the last statement several times, being indignant that it is not trusted or do not want to understand. He even told: I will give everything that at it everything was good! .

I will note that the girl reasonably was silent and when her asked about her own desires, she answered that those are not available and she completely agrees with what is told by the young man. Let will be as he asks - she told.

The witch shrugged shoulders - what to make, the client got stubborn. Also made the ordered manipulations with energy, influenced on prichinno - investigative communications. To put it briefly, waved a magic wand.

In few months the young man returned to the witch. No, not with gratitude for perfectly made work. With scandal. The girl threw it. But her life developed just perfectly. Coming, not having even registration in Moscow, she managed to settle perfectly well paid work, was going to buy the apartment (the firm promised to pay the apartment and to make then deductions from a salary), already bought the car, got acquainted with other young man - with good work, a salary, without addictions and with serious intentions . At it everything was good.

And here at the customer of the witch not everything appeared so shokoladno: from the previous office he was discharged (for non-performance of official duties), new work did not suit him, the apartment was filled in by neighbors from above, the car knocked

He declared that the witch took away its good luck and gave to the girl. He shouted that, having told I Want that at it everything was good meant that at them everything has to be good. That is, his treasured desire was: to have good work, the undemanding administration, a good salary, instead of the one-room apartment - three - four-room, the girl had to marry it, give birth to children and stay at home, arranging life and decorating with itself life.

When the witch was curious: What did you do not tell it at once? he was surprised. It appears, the young man considered, as so everything is clear.

This young man behaved in the same way as the Black in the known joke. That which wished to become white and that all women before it undressed. Still it was required to it that nearby there was water. The Black meant that his skin has to be white color, he dreamed to live on the seashore, near the beach, and its beauty had to become such that all women also dreamed only of it. The desire of the Black was executed literally: it became a toilet bowl in a female public toilet. Available there was everything: water, white color, the undressing women And to shout that he meant something absolutely another, it is useless - toilet bowls, as we know, do not talk.

It is simply amazing how many people laugh at this joke! Even it is strange - from where then those who formulate a task in this way undertake? And to them - nest numbers. Our young man still got off lightly: at the girl really life was adjusted, and its problems were connected only with its own actions. But happens differently!

Women who, wishing to take away the husband from campaigns " come across; on the left demand that he became an impotent man - yes, absolutely seriously! Then, of course, complain There are men who insist that their intimate desire - that the chief made calculation, and are surprised, having received the severance pay. Ridiculous desires set, and nevertheless, all persons interested amicably laugh at the unfortunate Black who wanted to become white of

Work of the witch reminds operation of the computer, and he, as we know, answers only specifically question posed. The computer does not understand: I meant not it . The computer is sure: what had, entered, and it is necessary to work with it.

But there is also an essential difference. If the computer at the wrong inquiry just issues the absurd answer asking which with amazement will read on the screen, then work of the witch at the incorrect formulation of desire can lead to the same effect, as at white Black .

Do not forget about it. It is not necessary to speak: I want that my husband stopped drinking! The desire can come true literally.