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How to become the bureaucrat? The prosperity science for someone else`s account of

is devoted to Administrative reform in Russia

I Want to bring simple, but into too time so effective tools for achievement of prosperity and wellbeing that having got acquainted with them and having begun to apply them in life, you already just will not be able independently to refuse their use.

These tools - the principles were acquired, collected and ground not one century by our fellow citizens. Yes, yes be not surprised. We have the domestic school of achievement of success for someone else`s account. there is no

In these ways anything illegal. Moreover, methods about which it will be told were always protected to this day protected by the current legislation. And the most part of the population of our Homeland in every possible way cares for that these ways did not lose the importance and continued to live and work for those who aspire to the better life.

So on the lawful, so to speak, bases and with national support we will take with you the first steps to the world of full satisfaction of the material and other requirements, using at the same time material benefits of those who as I already told, will support us on travel to success.

With what to begin?

Main that you have to have at the initial stage of training is a work. But let this word does not frighten you. We have plans, and work to us will be necessary at all not to work, just consider it as the starting capital. Well, someone will have it less, someone has more. If only was from what to begin. Here everything, as in life.

Work optional has to be highly paid, and it is optional to you to be the room worker. Though it both will reduce time of training and will quicker bring closer to achievement of full wellbeing, it is not obligatory for you to hold a position in some device. I want to calm you. To become the bureaucrat, to be an official on staff - not the main thing. The main thing - to learn to be of

Whoever you worked (indeed, some word which is frightening off worked ) ... Here that, word work we will replace with the word place . And so, whatever place you took, there will always be the one who sometime about something will ask you. And here attention !!! Here, misters, the foundation for your further life is also laid. If you want, the truth moment. You are asked (signal)! Same what to us, that is you, is necessary. Now depends on you, will receive asking something or not. That is it is available let so far and not obvious, but dependence. And it, even for the beginning bureaucrat, an opportunity to prove responsible for the, and maybe the children, bright future.

I Hope, you do not need to explain what to give asking what it asks, it is impossible in any way. I mean - at once it is impossible. Time from the moment of a request statement before its performance if you all - decided to execute its, depends on your interests, and also on opportunities of asking. But here it is necessary to feel that temporary side behind which the request can lose the relevance for your opponent. I will notice that if you for certain know that you will not be able to satisfy the stated request, this knowledge should not influence neither you, nor yours, sorry, conscience at all. It, in sense conscience, you will not touch and on bread you will not smear and in general... You thought of how life is short, and it is necessary to live it that was not excruciatingly painful.

But - to business. to

If asking needs very that it asks from you, at the same time it also is able (and it to you dopodlinnoizvestno) to consider your interests, then it is possible long and not to pull. But remember , remember : you do something only if these your interests are already considered. Your interests on time always earlier. You have to think first of all of yourself, the children and successors of other turn. And think differently that you traded with it places and you should ask.

And if asking the fact that he asks from you, then your interests will be considered wholly is very necessary. As they say, both sheep are whole, and wolves are full. But it is only the first step of skill of school of the highest bureaucratic achievements. You still should learn much. Who has a benefit...

The major tool of any bureaucrat respecting himself is the word . But the word not of ABBA what, told all of a sudden, and important is also desirable not for each mere mortal clear. For example, I leave on a round table with representatives

What round table, what representatives? But as it is considerable! And the most important - you let know to the sufferer that you very busy person and for a solution he needs to try strongly that you found at least five - ten minutes. And he will try, understanding importance of your mission.

But at the same time all the actions in advantage client you present not as due and as a compulsory measure. So to speak, in the form of costs of production. In a word, if not your generous sincere nature, then it is unknown, as if all also developed.

But we will return to to the word . Here small an approximate arsenal of primary phrases for storing:

- I have a meeting;

- I leave on a round table with representatives ;

- cause in administration, to general, to the mayor etc.;

- now is occupied; - call

tomorrow (not to appoint concrete time);

- as I will be released, I will call back;

- at me annual, quarter etc. (on a situation) the report;

- this week I am busy.

At the same time it is necessary to consider that each young spetsiat , I`m sorry, the bureaucrat has to make such operational phrasebook before the appointment. And in process of emergence labor callosities and experience accumulation, taking into account local specifics it is necessary to fill up this dictionary, improving the professional skill.

And now from words we will pass to action, more precisely inaction. You understand that in our case a saying Well to live, it is necessary to work it is not pertinent at all. Our task - to prosper due to work of others. And time so, minimum of movements. Means - less movements towards.

At conversation with the opponent, it is desirable to write something, to be distracted by telephone conversations, creating thereby the atmosphere of employment and own importance. The employment is higher, the you can count on bigger remuneration.

You understand now what turns out? The less you work, the more you receive. Here it is non-standard, creative approach to business! No, people, of course, need to be helped. But do it correctly, and the gratitude, human to you, will not run low.

But the main thing - you study and once again you study. Who has a benefit. Happened at your chief at any there meetings and other sort the master - classes on bureaucratic art. And if also it happened to ask from it for himself, then through bitterness from refusal all the same, probably, admired masterly skill of the teacher.

Let at you yet not everything is so good. Receptions are rough, the movements are unnatural, bonuses are insignificant. Do not despair. Use each opportunity. Perfect the professional level and trust people. They will help you.

Here, look - one more visitor! Gather, good luck to you and prosperity!