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What is ground by mills of gods?

They say that it is far - far, behind that cape, nine maidens rotate a heavy wheel of the Icelandic mill. For a long time they mill flour for Hamlet. And in the sea the kind captain plows waves a pointed nose of the ship. It is the sea call Amlodi`s Mill .

I. Gollancz Hamlet in Iceland

The binding thread Was interrupted days. As to me scraps them to connect



In an ancient Scandinavian legend it is told about a huge mill. In usual times it grinds grain, turning it into kind flour. But sometimes the sea rises, flooding the cape, and flour turns into salt, and then into stones and sand. And then to replace the world and prosperity the death, destruction and chaos come.

Ancient god Amlodi, the master of a mill, is very similar to the Danish prince: it is clever and melancholic, his mysterious and ambiguous speeches open the bitter, but inevitable truth, and its mission - to revenge for death of the father. Having carried out a task, it disappears in the abyss of time again, coming back to the Golden Age and finding the original rank: The king for all times.

Legends of the Golden Age, time of the world and harmony which is replaced disasters and cataclysms occur hardly at all people of the Earth. They tell about the waters which flooded banks and flooded Earth about fight of gods and titans, about exile from paradise and separation of the Father - the Sky with Mother - Earth.

In these legends the space cycle - great year of gods is described. It proceeds 24000 years, and the point of the vernal equinox passes each two thousand years into the previous zodiac sign. This year is divided into two half: Era Sveta and Era of the Gloom, Golden Age and Century of Decline. Each of these half, in turn, is divided into four a season: summer, fall, winter and spring.

Change of eras is followed by awful disasters and accidents. The Flood and death of Atlantis occurred at the end of the Golden Age.

In the same legends it is possible to meet a prophecy that fire will be the cause of the following accident. Nuclear explosion, global warming, the fire which captured the reservoirs poisoned with oil - here what can become the future Apocalypse.

In the Greek myths the governor of the Golden Age call Saturn - god of the fertility and agriculture dressed in gold color of ripe grain. This color accompanies also other kings - legends speak about gold color of a beard of the king Artur and the tsar Solomon.

When Jupiter killed the father of Saturn and occupied its throne, the world was replaced by war, an order - chaos, and summer - in the winter.

Gold is replaced by a snow whiteness. Mad Ophelia sings about the dead man with white as snow, a beard. Who is he is her father or the died god?

The whole revolution of Saturn around the Sun proceeds from 29 to 30 years. Therefore number 29 symbolized wandering in search of perfection, and number 30 the world and harmony. In the well-known poem of Chaucer The Canterbury Tales number of pilgrims - 29.

In To the Mousetrap repeats three times that the king and the queen are married 30 years.

The grave-digger tells that he digs graves 30 years - from that day when Hamlet was born.

However to the Golden Age the end comes. The king falls asleep in a paradise garden, and his brother creeps to it, like a serpent - the tempter, and pours in the poison which is carrying away soul of the king straight in a purgatory flame in his ear. Floodlight - Claudius kills Saturn - Hamlet, and there come great disasters - in the sky there is an ominous star, and water and fire threaten with the living death and madness.

Water is several times mentioned in the play. Hamlet speaks about to fight with the whole sea of troubles . In the sea it substitutes killing letters and falls into hands of pirates from where leaves nude (given rise anew). And in it water is a high time absorbs Ophelia - the nymph, a muse, favourite, hated and mad. The soul deprived of reason and communications with the world of live disappears in the abyss of waters, and the breathless corpse is accepted by the earth.

To Hamlet of a suzhdena not water and earth, but fire and air. The prince says that he too long stayed on the sun, the Ghost tells about a burning flame in which it is doomed to suffer until his sins burn down completely, Polonius warns Ophelia against love of the prince because in it there is more light, than heat. Troy is captured by a flame in which mad Gekuba rushes about, and in conversation with Gertrude Hamlet with bitterness says that her virtue thawed like wax in a flame of impious passion - and it reminds of Icarus who flew up to the sky on wax wings. The sun melted them, and it failed in the sea, having died at the same time both from fire, and from water.

Hamlet is killed by the poisoned sword symbolizing man`s elements - fire and air. The space cycle is complete - later heroes Lira will tell about end of the age, execution of terms, end of times and termination of days . Hamlet`s body is carried away under a roar of gun shots - and there comes the long cold winter. Everything is held down by deadly cold, and only the future spring can return life and hope.

Seven years later were issued Sonnets . The author does not convict female duplicity and insidiousness of them any more, does not try to banish the muse and to cloister, having driven her mad and death. It overcame the demons who separated it from a muse and shipped his soul in cold and a gloom. It accepts danger and duality of the dark lady killing and life-giving, fine and vicious, ruthless and merciful. And the dark goddess, uniform in three persons - the maiden, mother and the old woman - awarded him with the power over fire and the water and great wisdom allowing to connect man`s and female, fire and water, light and darkness. Sonnets come to the end with lines:

Water is capable to win against the fire, However to it love not to cool


B 1623 Fortuna`s wheel made one more revolution, and for the poet the second cycle of Saturn terminated. This year there was the First the Folio under a name of William Shakespeare.