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What mineral is called mountain flax?

Recently I stayed with the girlfriend in the small Ural town. She told me a legend.

It occurred nearly three hundred years ago. On the place of the city there was a small village which residents liked to fish. And once at the fishermen hurrying to the lake the rim descended from a telezhny wheel. To fix a rim, they found a stone at the road and began to straighten on it nails. And suddenly the stone crept away on the thinnest fibers!

Here such legend are told by locals about a mineral which already long time is got in the city.

The famous manufacturer Nikita Demidov well understood value of a find of fishermen. It began to make from stone threads gloves, cloths, napkins, ladies` handbags, and also matches for lamps which served very long. One of cloths was brought by Demidov to St. Petersburg to the tsar Pyotr as a gift, and during a feast in the face of all attendees threw it into the flaring fireplace. Fire could not overcome the Ural fabric! The glory began to expatiate on an extraordinary mineral across Russia.

The name to a mineral was given still by ancient Greeks - asbestos (in translation from Greek Asbestos means not burning ) . Ancient Romans used asbestos at cremation, and priests of ancient China sewed fireproof clothes from asbestine fabric and struck all, leaving fire live and safe. In Russia the people call asbestos mountain flax, stone tows for a long time. Really, under blows of the hammer the stone raspushatsya on a thread, the soft, silky kudelka turns out. Only mountain lyon do not grow up, it should be found and taken only, and fabric from a mineral on fire does not burn and on the sun does not fade.

It is difficult to find now an industry where asbestos would not be used. Asbestine filters have not equal: on one square millimeter - more than one million openings! The asbestine thread is stronger than a steel wire. The mineral is excellent warmly - and a sound insulator, does not pass electric current. It is mixed with cement and make heavy-duty pipes and plates. The ship-building, aviation and automobile industries do not do without asbestos. Asbestotekhnichesky products apply in the defensive industry and rocket production. The state documents do of paper to which add a white mineral. From mountain flax sew overalls for firefighters, weave curtains for theatrical scenes.

Uniqueness of a mineral consists not only in variety of its application, but also in lack of the artificial materials and natural analogs possessing the same properties.

Now, probably, some readers understood how the city which I visited is called. My friend lives in Asbest named so in honor of the stone which is stratified on brilliant fibers. Asbestos - the city in which near dark-one of the world`s largest asbestine pits is green fir-trees and pines. Often city visitors come to an observation deck to see a huge bowl of a pit in which powerful excavators work and trains scurry about, lifting the gray blocks of a mineral which are cut down from layer. For receiving ton of asbestos it is necessary to process 40 - 45 tons of breed!