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What will not be damaged by the nobility to the lonely man? We starve to death!

Tidily you look, well done! Sami was erased? Really?!! And maybe, you also are able to prepare? Da Va, that, cannot be!!! You will tell?

Here we also returned to our familiar lonely man. If you remember, then he is able to erase, so and looks tidily, without committing breach of harmony of the peace surrounding it. And what to do if for some reason there is a wish to eat? And there is regularly a wish, it should be noted. Here, so far as our man is lonely and to hope to him that having come from work he will take seat at a table and will at once receive a tasty hot dinner, there is no sense. It is necessary to care for himself most.

No, I do not argue! Of course, it is possible to use services of a public catering. But for a start it is necessary to think of the health, and under the final - of a purse. Something is on pain of death difficult to force to eat me if I do not know precisely who prepared it as well as from what. So was not always, and I, perhaps, will open for you the small secret.

Very much - long ago (and there is a wish to tighten on the American harmony: Vance eppon e time ) there were us six men. There was some event, we came to rather decent restaurant that in a close circle to be glad and well to celebrate an event. Much everything ordered taking into account personal culinary addictions. Also there were salads at choice: with chicken, with shrimps, with squids I did not love squids, I will tell even more, I never tried them therefore ordered to itself with chicken.

After a while the waiter brought salads. In a cabin with strongly muffled light of a drinking bowl were placed to everyone personally, and we under the first toast started food. At the very end of evening my friend told me that the waiter served me squids, and to him chicken, but he did not want to afflict me (knowing that I can be upset). And ate. Since then at me steady unwillingness to eat outdoors, and steady love to squids.

So, the lonely man dreams to have supper, perhaps. Unambiguously, you should not bother on too difficult culinary recipes and any exotic products. It is necessary to be simpler and to prepare from what always is near at hand. Pervo - napervo we sweep aside any semi-finished products as that cubes, instant soups and any powder mashed potatoes. The lonely man has to be live, healthy and strong! Therefore we will pay our attention to such products as grain. Rice, buckwheat, pearl barley always is near at hand? And, so, to cook soup or porridge practically everyone can!

Potentially, it is possible to address the recipe-book and to choose the recipe which is most suitable for today. And here some small cunnings about the same grain the nobility, really, will not damage.

We will tell, there is a wish for some buckwheat cereal. Tasty, fragrant that was friable. Only and cunning that it is not necessary to stir it during cooking! Then it will be such what you it saw in the dreams. That the same porridge did not burn slightly during cooking, it is necessary to make so. As soon as water in a saucepan with grain begins to boil, this saucepan needs to be placed in another, the size it is more also with already boiling water. Such porridge not only will not burn slightly, but also will have tasty the name - buckwheat cereal on " steam;!

With rice there are cunnings too. Let`s begin with storage. It is the most convenient to store it in a glass transparent jar in which it is necessary to place one pod of burning pepper. Pepper allows to protect rice from appearance of foreign insects. When cooking rice it does not need to be stired with a spoon. Only periodic stirring of a pan in which it cooks is allowed.

The best taste at rice happens only if to cook it not on water, and on couple. It cooks in a linen sack which it is necessary to arrange over a pan with the boiling water. Ready rice is washed away under a stream of cold water. Rice porridge will find really royal taste if before food to put the egg white beaten by a fork in it. Still it is possible to apply rice a little not to destination. Let`s assume that you managed - to put too much salt in the soup. Trouble in it I personally do not see any. Just put a handful of rice in soup and the first will become quite edible!

I do not understand people who do not love pearl barley. It is possible that at men it is somehow connected with service in army. But I think that everything occurs on ignorance. Pearl barley - quite valuable, correct product! Of course, it is possible to cook with it soup, but it will be blue color. What here appetite?!! But that it did not occur, it is necessary to cook only soup separately, and pearl barley - separately and when grain almost cooks, to enclose it in a saucepan with soup.

Eggs - - itself the understood dish which without fail enters a diet of the lonely man. They can be welded or roasted. Fried eggs are remarkably combined with any porridge, and hard-boiled egg is cut on two or four parts and put in soup. The same abrupt can be used for preparation of egg under mayonnaise. Everything that wants to be learned about eggs, any lonely man can find in other my article.