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Many wonder the personal growth of

: What to me to begin to change the life from? What needs to be made?

And often themselves given incorrect answers to these questions.

For example: I need to change the residence to get rid of local problems. My colleagues often annoy me therefore I need to change the place of work. My friends never understood me, can to me it is necessary to find other circle of contacts.

People are ready to look for the reasons of failures everywhere and in all that surrounds them, but only not in itself.

Remember!!! If you want to change the life to the best, you have to become better.

It is necessary to know one simple law: what surrounds you now and what you possess at the moment is reflection of a level of development of your personality. In other words it sounds so: what you, such and the world around you.

What it means?.

You never asked a question why athletes do not communicate, for example, with addicts or why rich people try to avoid communication with the poor? Fans to drink are in a circle of friends, similar to, the smoker will never be against his companions smoked too. Why one easily manage to operate people whereas others even do not dream of the chief`s position? All this

is result of that, the identity of the person is how developed.

Why it is necessary to develop in general the personality, for example, to become the rich? Give me 10 million dollars, and I to them will become - it can sound in the head of each of us. The person who got such jack pot will become the rich only for several days, at most for a month. But soon it will lose all money to uniform kopek because never developed in itself the quality inherent in rich people - to people who are able to operate the capital.

The person of middle class, as a rule, will buy the car, the new house, will go to travel, will present to the family a heap of different gifts and so forth. But soon it will come that it will not be able to contain such huge house for the habitual salary and that petrol prices which the new car consumes three times more than old, grow with an improbable speed. Eventually, it is necessary to say goodbye to all this.

As Jim Ron, the famous American philosopher and the millionaire told: It is difficult to hold what was not received for the account of personal development.

The most frequent question which is asked rich people it: how to earn a lot of money? But not one rich person will not be able to give any certain formula on which we will be able to grow rich. Instead he will begin to list qualities which need to be developed in themselves to achieve success in this or that area (in this example in the field of money).

If you want to find the ideal girl - become the ideal man if you want to be rich - find in yourself the qualities inherent in the rich. In a word, if you want to possess big, than you possess, become better, than you are now.

Why development of the personality is so important for achievement of success, wealth and everything desirable in life?

Because what you have, or want to have it is limited only to a level of development of your personality!

We mean not so much knowledge, qualification and experience how many qualities and even habits which you possess.

the Employee of the company will not be able to improve the skills if he does not possess the corresponding skills. Also and you will not be able to receive more from life, without possessing qualities necessary for this purpose.

For example if you want that your affairs went uphill quicker, then you need to develop in yourself such qualities as discipline, persistence and persistence. Your actions, and actions, as it is known will depend on your qualities and bring result. If you are lazy

and reluctantly are accepted for good reason, then your way to success will be long, if at all not infinite.

In the sphere of communication with people the same picture: the sociable and friendly person will quicker get the help and support of other people, than closed and unfriendly.

Remember that negative qualities and habits bear too fruit, but hardly anyone - nibud enjoys them.

Once again we will repeat that the most important role of personal growth consists in the following: than better you, than more perfect you, and the are better and more perfect the world around you.

And most often society surrounds us: friends, fellow workers, acquaintances, close people.

I for anybody not a secret that many of us want to have around themselves loyal, true friends, reliable partners in business. Also many of us dream about ideal (to the measures) darling.

Whether but everyone is worthy to be in such circles? A question even not in whether we are worthy, and whether we will be able?

As all - to achieve an environment which all of us so want?

Answer one: develop the personality because everything in this world begins, first of all, with itself.

When you rise by a new step of development of the personality, everything begins to develop according to your level of development around.

You begin to achieve higher objectives which seemed to you unattainable earlier. Your life gets more warm colors, and you begin to meet people, similar to you and your new level of development. You will not want to communicate any more with those who are below you. These people just to you will be already uninteresting.

Personal growth is one of success secrets, it is a world secret! It is the answer to many questions, is what will allow you to reach the desirable and to change the world around itself for that world which will inspire, but not to press on you as earlier.

you Want success, wealth, happiness, good friends and darling? Then become better, improve the qualities, manners. Learn to think better, to think more widely. Become more perfect, and you then will see fine result of all this. Your life, your success, your friends and your darling, will depend directly on your perfection, on your personal growth. you Remember

: than better you, the more perfect you, the. better and more perfect the world around you.

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