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What is known of egg?

That we know about egg except that dispute that goes for centuries more initially: egg or chicken? I believe that we know about it also the fact that it is quite worthy foodstuff. Let`s try to simulate a situation. You came home from work, tired and hungry, to you not to products at all. What there meat or fish?!! You so were tired that even the speech cannot go about any long cookings - frying. Something on - bystrenky to grab, have a bite, muffle for a while feeling of hunger and fatigue.

General philosophy, of course. Actually, until you cook to yourself egg, you will be already switched to absolutely other wave. Respectively and your thoughts will be already about what you do at present: whether there will be a soft-boiled egg or abrupt and whether it is enough of one? Here from this point both let`s estimate and we will sum up our knowledge of egg!

Having bought ten - another of eggs in shop or in the market, having brought them home, very much will not damage to find out: whether all eggs fresh? We take liter of water and we dissolve in it hundred grams of salt. In the received solution it is placed the bought eggs and we observe. The spoiled egg if that gets, will surely emerge, and all good will remain at the bottom. Now good it is necessary to wipe a napkin and to place in the refrigerator. If there is no refrigerator, then too there is one ancient way about which I told in one article. It allows to keep eggs fresh throughout quite long period at the room temperature.

Now several If and That which arise with egg.

That the shell from hard-boiled egg was easier cleaned off, right after cooking of egg it is necessary to split and lower in cold water. But I even before cooking on a bucket with three - five still crude eggs and cold water pour one tablespoon of salt. It does not influence taste of boiled egg.

That when cooking egg did not burst, on a bottom of a bucket (saucepan) it is necessary to put the turned saucer.

That egg with which you are going to fill soup did not turn, it needs to be shaken up with a small amount of milk.

That fried eggs left tasty, it needs to be fried on weak fire.

That the omelet from eggs turned out magnificent, because appetizing and tasty, in it it is necessary to part a small piece of yeast.

That to cook soft-boiled egg, about three minutes are necessary. I usually count up to hundred from the moment of water boiling! Egg in a sack will be ready minutes through five. For receiving hard boiled eggs it is necessary to cook from eight to ten minutes. But it is necessary to remember that at long cooking taste of eggs will worsen.

That protein did not become gray, it cannot be shaken up in aluminum ware as reaction with aluminum leads to undesirable effect.

That to separate protein from a yolk (for meringue, for example), for this purpose egg breaks over a pure funnel. At the same time the yolk will remain in a funnel, and protein will slide off down.

If egg burst during cooking, then it is necessary to pour in a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in water, then protein will not flow out.

If you are going to cook egg at which the shell has a crack, then a crack it is necessary to grease with lemon juice, and strongly to salt water.

If to put eggs in bank and to fill in with salty solution from calculation a tablespoon on liter of water, then eggs will not be spoiled during about one and a half months.

If need to shake up eggs arises, then previously they need to be cooled in the refrigerator. Whites are beaten quicker and long do not fall down if to add a pinch of small salt to them ( Extra will approach), or a little lemon juice.

If needs only protein, and the yolk wants to be kept for later it is necessary to puncture with a thick needle an egg-shell from two opposite sides. Protein will flow out, and the yolk can continue to be stored in the refrigerator.

If you broke eggs and were going to prepare something with them, but suddenly distracted you, it is possible to keep them. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in egg whites and yolks with cold water, and then to put to the cold place. So they long will not deteriorate and you will be able to continue the culinary experiments when you return on kitchen.

Special effects with egg. If needs to receive boiled egg with solid protein, but with a liquid yolk, then it should be cooked quickly in the boiling water. If it is necessary to achieve opposite effect - then it is necessary to cook slowly.

About fears. Some are afraid of salmonellosis, because do not eat some egg. But let`s look at this fear under such foreshortening. In - the first, salmonellosis - an illness not of egg, and chicken (and other animals, but I korotenko). In - the second, the infection belongs to the first group of resistance to disinfectants, that is the washed crude egg is not dangerous any more. The same belongs also to already boiled, passed heat treatment.

Now we know quite enough about egg. Yaishenki, perhaps? Or you prefer crude?