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Where you, unknown Marusya? About geese and roosters of

the laundress erases the Whole day,

the Husband went for vodka.

On a porch sits a doggie

With a small small beard.

The whole day she stares

Clever eyes,

If houses who begins to cry -

Will begin to whimper aside...
It seems to

how many myself I remember, I know this immortal song so much. And she is not less than 30 years old, and all who are ready sang her, apparently: from the earliest execution by the author of music Vladimir Krasnovsky to A. Makarevich, S. Nikitin, even B. Grebenshchikova. By right it is included also in the audiocollection Songs of our century .

. . And to whom today to cry

In the city of Tarusa?

Is to a lump in Tarusa to cry -

to the Girl Marusya.

Roosters yes geese became loathsome to Marusya


How many goes them in Tarusa,

My God to Isusa!

Here to me such feathers

Yes such wings!

would Depart directly to a door I,

Rushed to a feather grass I!...

Later I learned that the song is written on late verses of N. Zabolotsky and is called Town . This poem composed in the last tarussky summer of the poet (in 1967), is called a minimalism masterpiece.

Strange, but many stayed in sacred confidence that verses - with implication. As was not to catch thought Marina Tsvetaeva when it was not the stranger for it the city. Tsvetaev` family - still Marina`s parents, was called first summer residents . In Tarusa the stepsister of the poetess - Valeria (schoolgirl Duncan), in the same place the daughter Tsvetaeva`s grave - Ariadna is buried. Not to mention that Tarusa`s pride - the museum of a family of Tsvetaev. Everything accurately rose on the places, despite the laundress with the drinking husband.

But to greater surprise of people, confident in implication, confirmation of homebrew, but quite ordinary version was not found. Just there lived a girl, maybe, the neigbour. And, maybe, at all generalized character. Girlish sufferings in a small town.

For some reason it is accepted to call towns a remote place, backwoods, a land of Nod, a standing bog. And here only one small district town on Oka that in the Kaluga region, it is well-known for the settlers : except Tsvetaev and Zabolotsky, there lived Paustovsky, Nadezhda Mandelstam, artists Borisov here - Musatov, Anatoly Zverev, Dmitry Plavinsky, Alexander Kharitonov, Igor Vulokh, Boris Steinberg (Borukh). There is a memorial apartment of Svyatoslav Richter in which there take place concerts within a Richter festival, exhibitions of local artists now. Also called Tarusa by an island of intellectuals. And how many such towns...

But here sufferings all the same remain sufferings. And all of us well know about problems of the small cities of Russia. They died less, it is rather on the contrary.

... That eyes my on light

did not look Any more,

Roosters yes geese these

did not make a din Any more!

Oh how poorly to live to Marusya

In the city of Tarusa!

Roosters one yes geese,

My God to Isusa!

Perhaps, also there lives now in Tarusa (or not in Tarusa) Maria Ivanovna (either Petrovna, or at all not Maria, but Natalya, Elena, Tatyana), and does not even know as far as she is famous. But she knows that on it everything keeps: both the house, and a kitchen garden, and geese with roosters, and all its city, and all earth.