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What it is necessary to know about meat in kitchen?

If you are not the most inveterate vegetarian, then sooner or later will face irresistible desire to eat a piece - another a tasty myask! Meat can be made absolutely differently. It is possible just to weld, having a little salted, it is possible to fry, it is possible to bake, it is possible to apply it as additional ingredient to various dishes from salad to borsch. Personally I adore the meat made on naked flame including a shish kebab. And still, meat - the same product, as well as many others. It demands to itself respect and, so, knowledge of him and of what with it to do. In this short article I want to share more with men (forgive me, lovely ladies, for tiny discrimination!) but it is sure that women will estimate this work too, having added those moments which I did not mention to discussions.

First of all, having got meat, it is necessary to see to it about its safety. Existence of the refrigerator not essentially. Any meat can be kept fresh during four - five days if it is a little to dry of it, and then to put in the enameled ware, a pan, for example, and to fill in with curdled milk. Then the pan is covered with a plate, the plate is pressed down by oppression (freight) and the ware with a product goes away just to the cool place.

Pork and beef

Pork can be given to

for chicken so that guests will understand not at once that they ate! For this purpose pork is presoaked previously in water (but it is better - in milk!) then it is slightly wrung out by hands and breaded by egg white. After making of such operation meat can be fried, but it is necessary to fry thoroughly easily and quickly, then pork will become similar to light chicken meat.

Beef - usually rigid product. But it is possible to fight against it as follows: since evening the piece of beef needs to be rubbed with dry mustard from all directions. Just before cooking meat needs to be washed out in cold water, to dry a little and it is possible to prepare. Former rigidity will be gone.

When cooking soups from pork and beef there are some nuances. Beef bones, before their immersion in water, need to be split with a hatchet. Pork before cooking it is necessary to fry slightly in an oven. And that soup cooked quicker, meat for it needs to be cut across fibers in the form of large noodles.


When frying chicken often arises a small problem: meat is overdried. But there is a way and on this case! Before you are going to fry the chicken cut in cubes it is necessary to water the prepared meat with couple of spoons of the sweetened water, to mix carefully and to wait a little until meat absorbs in itself water. Usually such procedure occupies me minutes fifteen. Then you can safely fry, but you watch fire, it should not be too big.

You love a goose? I - yes! But the goose becomes unlike more tasty if has at the same time tidy appetizing look! To achieve it as easy as shelling pears! Just before the end of frying leather of a goose needs to be watered with cold water slightly. And then the goose prepared by you will become covered by a nice crisp.

What you tell? Cubes?. Da Vam, old man, to the therapist! He will register Vam ejection of the TV! Here we will take, for example, the same chicken broth. It will turn out just excellent if before cooking to put a couple of the fried chicken stones in it. And you speak cubes !

That. Few general councils , equally suitable for any meat.

That meat did not burn and did not become dry, in an oven it is necessary to put the small container with water. I always do so when I bake chicken on a bottle. Except that meat will not be dry, chicken will have very appetizing crisp color. To here take me. I do not love a chicken skin, and such always I eat without the rest, as well as chicken, however!

After frying of meat on rings it is always necessary to wash a plate. If not to avoid spraying of fat absolutely, then it is possible to reduce quantity it getting on a plate. For this purpose on a bottom of a frying pan it is necessary to fill a little salt only.

Meat, usually, - a product waste-free. When cooking broths, for example, a spoon fat is always removed. Someone throws out it. In principle, I would not advise this way to act. Business all that this fat perfectly is suitable for stewing of vegetables! And here what to do if what you made yesterday - the day before yesterday did not manage to be eaten and you decide on it today? I will agree, taste is lost. But not to go from - for it the whole day hungry, in most - that business?!! Of course, no! We do the following: we sprinkle meat cold water from a spoon. We put a little oil, then meat on a frying pan and we warm on small fire. As soon as warmed up to the necessary temperature, start a breakfast (a lunch, a dinner), taste of meat will be, as at freshly cooked.

It is possible to write about meat for a long time. But you excuse me: I to wait more not in forces. I will go already I will have a bite! And I advise you!