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Would you like to grow thin?

Many people suffer from excessive weight and do everything to grow thin, but many means do not help and do worse for our organism. Some people use numerous diets, but not all diets are useful to our invaluable organism.

I used many diets too, starved for weeks, months, but nothing helped. Playing sports, I thought that I burn calories, but it only pumped up my muscles and did me healthier and healthier. But once, when I read the newspaper, I found one recipe for weight loss, and I decided to try it.

This diet consists of seven days, absolutely simple. There passed week and here I got up on scales and did not believe the eyes, I grew thin for ten kilograms. I was simply stunned, it was improbable, after long searches I at last found a suitable diet for my organism. I am very glad result of this diet and I hope, it will help you too. I with pleasure will share it with you!

Soup for weight loss:

of 6 average bulbs

3 of

tomato 1 small head of cabbage

2 green

pepper 1 bunch of a celery

1 cube of “Galina Blanka“

Way of preparation: Cut with

vegetables on small or average pieces and fill in with water. Season with salt, pepper and if you want, hot sauce. You boil on strong fire of 10 minutes, then lower gas and continue to cook until vegetables become soft. Soup does not add calories.

Day 1 - y: Eat with

soup and any fruit except bananas. Drink water, tea or coffee without sugar and milk.

Day 2 - y: Eat with

soup, and also crude fresh vegetables and greens. Do not eat dried bean, green peas and corn. Do not eat fruit. Drink water.

Day 3 - y: Eat with

soup, fruit and vegetables. Do not eat bananas and bean. Drink water.

Day 4 - y: Eat with

soup, fruit and vegetables, including bananas (no more than 3 pieces), drink milk and water.

Day 5 - y: Eat with

soup, beef (300 - 600 gr. in day) and tomatoes (fresh or tinned). Drink 6 - 8 glasses of water.

Day 6 - y: Eat with

beef, vegetables (especially sheet) and soup, drink water. Do not eat baked potato.

Day 7 - y: Eat with

brown rice, not sweetened fruit juice, vegetables and soup. You can add to soup or vegetables or any spices. Drink only water.

Note: during a diet do not use bread, alcohol, the aerated (sparkling) drinks. Nothing can be fried or prepared with fat addition. Be careful with oil, carefully clean all fat from meat, skin a bird.

I wish you good luck!