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How to choose chocolate or How not to spoil pleasure?

Natural chocolate - a valuable product of magnificent taste and aroma. Increases mood, heals a depression, strengthens warmly - vascular system and immunity in general. From the most ancient, still doyevropeysky times it is considered notable aphrodisiac. How not to be mistaken upon its purchase, not to receive for the money disappointment instead of pleasure?

The main complexity is that owing to the nature chocolate is on sale packed. Of course, it is possible to meet options in razves, but we would advise you not to risk. This product which is not protected by wrappers and packings at storage promptly loses the valuable properties. As an exception lumpy weighed out chocolate - but only can serve in company specialized shops, it is better directly at factories - producers. In other cases it is necessary to check quality of a chocolate delicacy by practical consideration and upon repeated purchases to consider it.

According to the existing standards chocolate has to have the glossy dry intact surface. Naturally - without gray-haired raid. If these conditions are not met, then violations of technology for certain took place or storage conditions are not sustained. By the way, for this reason it is not recommended to get chocolate products in the markets - hardly there possibly to observe the mode of humidity or temperature requirements.

The most part of chocolate is bought, strangely enough, in the form of candies - allsorts. By the way, in such candies the maintenance of chocolate the greatest. For chocolates there are requirements for quality. The stuffing has to be uniform, without the expressed loss of crystals of sugar - the obvious evidence of violation of technology. Begin to flow stuffings on a surface of chocolate glaze are considered as a lack of appearance, though are allowed by the quality standard.

Taste of chocolate has to be obviously expressed, without smack of cocoa - powder or fragrances. The chocolate entering a product has to be well crushed, there should not be a feeling krupchatost . On the maintenance of chocolate in a product it is necessary to pay special attention - the it is higher, the product is more valuable. Even more useful component of a finished product - cocoa - oil. Its existence or absence distinguishes chocolate from various stylizations and falsifications. Those who are able to distinguish a sweet tile from a chocolate bar have to understand us.

We hope, our hints will help you at the choice of it in every sense of the most worthy product.