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Why to the brownie of a slipper?


with it acquaintance took place in evening twilight. In the spring. I do not remember what year. Usual evening preparations for the tomorrow`s working day are finished. The dishes are washed, the child is laid. The TV is turned on. There is still time to a full release. Having settled more conveniently on a sofa, we watch TV. The husband lies with edge, and I at stenochka as loved in the childhood. The unpretentious transfer which is not burdening the consciousness which was tired in a day, the twilight, semi-silence.

Edge of a look I notice that from the husband the column of a smoke of grayish color reminding a corrugated hose rises from a floor to a ceiling as if. Only in the diameter of centimeters of 80. And slowly begins to incline to us. Wow! Noticed it and the husband. Cried, it was covered with the head a blanket, rolled through me to a wall. And me it is curious. What for evil spirits?

- And well, do not indulge! What news of Priirtyshje are! - (A saying at me such.)

The column slowly moved from a sofa to a room corner to the TV. Also stopped, shaking and being shaken. It became horrible. What is is that? To rise, turn on a ceiling light? And the night lamp gives normal lighting. Did not come in dream to me. In a corner costs, rocking. And the husband from - under blankets did not get out yet. Only quietly whines.

- Well and that for overindulgence in the evening? - terribly I question. - What for jokes at this time of night? To be engaged there is nothing? In total! A release on the hostel! Tomorrow we will talk!

The column of a smoke began to dissipate. From gray became lighter and is lighter, decreased in sizes and was gone. Decided not to switch off the lamp for the night.

Morning. In the sleep I hear unclear knock. I open eyes. The window leaf shakes. Anything to, vetrishche on the street! Not to wake ahead of time the husband and the child, I creep out from - under blankets. I trudge to a window. I close a window leaf. I look at trees. I understand nothing. Any tree does not wave. There is no wind. Well, no, so not. So, to include a teapot, to make a breakfast. What for nonsense? Again the window leaf opened. Really I badly closed it? Nothing, we will repeat. I close, I check a latch. All are normal. Figs you will open now. There is still no wind.

I make a breakfast. The window leaf opens and is closed. Well, how many it is possible to clap? It becomes horrible in the light of evening events.

- What for overindulgence? On economy of wons how many affairs, and you to play toys? - reproachfully I address, itself without knowing to whom. Overindulgence with a window leaf stops.

Also cheerful life began at us in the obshchezhitsky room. I do not know what the essence was. Perhaps brownie, maybe, who else. But amusing it. In the morning I woke up because that the electric kettle began to boil and its handle rose - fell very rhythmically. Such stakatto. And that the teapot in general began to work, at first it needs to be included in the socket. It was not disconnected, it is necessary to switch off in time that water did not boil away and the spiral did not burn down. There are no teapots such, probably, now any more. The new generation of electric kettles succeeded. And so I also woke up from a sound of the beginning to boil teapot, from knock of the handle in the mornings.

In the sleep muttered:

- Yes I get up, I get up, well I hear, I hear, now I will get up and I go already!

Rose, switched off a teapot, told thanks, and further morning collecting took its course. In some of evenings reflected. If IT can include a teapot, it so can to me thermohair curlers in a saucepan on a tile in the mornings will boil? Impudence, of course, for my part. But it is possible to ask that-. Since evening poured in a water saucepan, left bigudyushka, put on the rangette. Aloud sounded the request.

By the way, from that first morning when it plaid about a window leaf, I for the night on a kitchen table began to leave candies, cookies, tea. Generally, I sounded the request. I do not remember, the next morning or not, I was waited not only by the boiled teapot, but also hair curlers, ready to process! The husband kept mum. Was afraid. it liked to play a trick, scare it. Suddenly there was before it everything in the same type of a corrugated hose and was shaken. The husband panicked. I terribly shouted:

- And well, stop frightening to me the husband! What for overindulgence? As child small! It shrank and crawled away in the corner to the TV.

But next morning I had tea and hair curlers. To see, not sensitive it appeared. And it frightened the husband only at me. To see, it as game was such. Only the husband still sleeps at a wall. All this about half a year proceeded. And the window leaf itself opened - was closed, both the teapot joined, and hair curlers were boiled, and curtains parallel to a floor rose, and incidentally dropped in neighbour`s puppy with squeal crept out of our room. And everything from - for my nonsense ended.

I did not count the moment. Thought, it with us will always live. Forgot all mythology. And stories of old grandmothers - great-grandmothers. I to the to a synula bought very beautiful slippers. Krasnenkiye, with an embroidery, with tesemochka. - it is expensive to Ljubo to look.

When came from work, the child already slept. Put slippers before a children`s sofa (in the morning the child will wake up, will be delighted to a new thing). Also went to bed. Woke up from silence. The teapot does not boil, hair curlers do not gurgle. And time - that already 6 - 30! It seems that my brownie overslept! All right, itself I will make.

Time to awake the child came. And there are no slippers - that! Parted forcibly the husband. We look for together. Bewilderment is full. Well, where they could get to from the room in 18 meters? All searched. The result is negative. Looked for some more days. On cases, bedside tables. No. And the brownie was gone.

Later the great-grandmother told me: to turn out evil spirits, it is necessary to put a pack on a foreground. Will play and will leave. Or to buy new slippers...

Bought to the own harm! Left to others. And it was so good with it!